Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint Review – Don’t Bet Your Dollars On This

Name: Ultimate Millionaires BlueprintUltimate Millionaires Blueprint Cover

Price: An initial deposit of about $250 for investing in “assets”

Owners: Walter Green (Probably Fake Name)

Overall Rank: 1 star out of 5


Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint (UMB) Overview

How I Stumbled on UMB

I love reading my favorite sports blog, especially boxing. However, since last year, whenever I read my favorite boxing news, I always get bugged by this advertisement saying how “the people” in my area got “rich” overnight.

The first time I saw it, I already knew it was probably some kind of a dodgy get rich scheme or program but I just left it alone.

Finally, this month I relented and decided to investigate and do some research on this “get rich program” that was always bugging me.

What Is It?

Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint (UMB in short) is claimed to be an automated binary options trading robot with the tagline “Design your own destiny”.

When you look at the website, Millionaire Blueprint system is supposedly “100% Easy Cash Generating Software”.  Is it really so? We will look into it further.

PRO & CONS of Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint


  • The stories narrated by the “owner” Mr Walter Green (Or Walter Carter) hypnotically sounds very convincing that you would want to try the program out.
  • Not to mention it says the system is “free”. But there is a caveat….


  • After all that trouble telling how good the Ultimate Millionaires Program is, turns out that it is another Binary Option Trading program…. Again…
  • Walter Green the “owner” said the program is “free” but we have to invest a minimum of USD $250 to start with. In my book, that is definitely not free if you have to fork out that much money to start with!

My recommendation: This sounds pretty much like a scam to me. Check out my No.1 Recommendation if you are looking to make real money online.

Who is UMB For?

This program is for those who are interested in the latest product or trend in binary option trading

The program also preys on those who are desperate or looking for any latest money making opportunity regardless of reputation or online safety

UMB Tools & Training

Claimed to be fully automated which means input from traders is hardly required??

Based on complex algorithm which is able to identify movements in the market trends quickly and accurately??

Educational tools are provided (ebook)

Do They Have Any Support

There is a contact number for support, but it is more likely than not a sales number.

Call or give-up your mobile number at your own risk. Be prepared for constant sales/promotion calls with lots of upsells.

Don’t expect Walter Green to contact and support you personally.

Don’t expect any dedicated forum or community support.

The Price

The Millionaire Blueprint system is claimed to be “free”, but you have to invest an initial deposit of about $250 to start with.

In other words, it is not free at all.

My Personal View On Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint (UMB)

Hypnotically Convincing Video Intro For The Uninitiated

When you visit the site, you will be greeted with an introduction video by Walter Green who  claimed to be the owner of the ultimate system who is now very rich as in a “millionaire”.  

The system is called non other than The Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint.

What a ubiquitous name for a supposedly exclusive program. The truth is that, there is nothing exclusive about their program which I will elaborate later.

Ultimate Millionaires Program Is Not Exclusive At All

In the introduction video, “Walter Green” claimed that this program has already created 152 millionaires with a net profit of $189,671,458 in the past 90 days. Very bold claim indeed. The number itself will make you salivate like a hungry hound.

Now, here is why I do not think this program is truthful at all. You see, it says that there are only 30 spots available. I’ve received this program promotion since December 2015, and now that I’m researching this program in February 2016, but there are still 30 available spots left? Don’t tell me that nobody has taken up your deliciously lucrative program since December last year?!

This shows that this program is not exclusive at all and downright lying to us.

Fake Timer To Rush/Force Us To Sign-Up

Fake Timer at Ultimate Milionaires Blueprint Website

Fake Timer To Force Us Into Rushing To Sign Up?

There is another dirty tactic employed UMB program to rush or force us to sign up with their program.

This is by putting up a FAKE TIMER with the intention making its visitors to panic and not giving them much time to consider over signing up their program.

How do I know that the timer is fake? Simple really. The timer will first show that you only have 10 minutes to decide and activate your spot. If you wait for the timer to expire, it will magically reset and give you another 60 minutes to think over. What the heck?!

The same thing will happen too, if you refreshed the page, but it will reset at 10 minutes instead.

Actors Were Used In This Program

Now, I’ve mentioned earlier in this post that the “owner” Mr Walter Green is most probably a fake person. And what you know, Mr Walter Green is almost probably is a fake and the character of him was just an actor.

You can read the disclaimer by Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint (UMB) below.

Disclaimer On Fake Actors & Sales Videos by Ultimate Milionaires Blueprint

Disclaimer On Fake Actors & Sales Videos by UMB


This Walter Green is probably just an ACTOR (Fake)


How about the other testimonials? You bet that all of them are made-up and fake as well.

Don’t you think that UMB is trying to mislead its visitors and trying to cheat on us for their own benefits/profits?

My Final Opinion

The website (UMB) has a very professional feel to it, but the video intro is very much an overkill to me. Walter Green uses a hypnotic and low tone voice in his promotion. You can get easily hypnotized by his luscious baritone voice if you are not careful.    

Just Another Overhype Binary Options Trading Software

In all honesty, this is just another free binary options trading program that is interested in nothing more than getting commission from your hard earned money. Notice that they asked for a minimum of USD $250 as an initial investment and encourages the higher the investment the better. That is no small of cash to invest in for sure.

Very Risky With No Guarantee Of Success

The way I look at it, binary option trading is a very risky investment and there is no guarantee at all that you will succeed with this type of trading. Truly honest success testimonial for binary trading option is very hard to come by as most testimonials come up as fake and made up at best.

For your information, most traders are professionals working with Forex or the stock exchange or hedge fund company and they have at least some kind of related degree or professional training. Leaving your trading to chance without proper training, guidance and proper constant monitoring as you do with binary options is a recipe for disaster.  

Best To Avoid This Type of Program

Personally, I would advise you to just stay away from this program and any kind of binary trading options in general. True success story is hard to come by and it is more common to hear about people losing money with this type of trading.

Consider To Learn Online Marketing The Right Way

If you are truly serious about earning income online the proper way, you should really consider  learning online marketing the proper way because that is how most people earn their income online. Don’t leave things to chance because real money comes from real effort and to be honest, it is not as complicated as you think it is.

I’ve learned my skills and technique in online marketing from Wealthy Affiliate and I can’t say enough how grateful I am to be able to learn all those valuable online marketing skills from them.

I am now already earning income from affiliate marketing, creating websites and do local marketing for small businesses in my local area.

You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE and read why it is my choice as my No.1 Rated Online Marketing Training Program.

I hope my review is beneficial to you and if you any comment or opinion on the program, just drop me a comment below.

Thank you!


Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint at a Glance…

Name: Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint

Price: An initial deposit of about $250 for investing in “assets”

Owners: Walter Green (Probably Fake Name)

Overall Rank: 1 star out of 5


Thumbs Down Red


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I decided to start my own online business so that I can escape the rat race that I am in. Things are really progressing well and it is just a matter of time before I can be finally free from my 9-5 job. With ratracebuster.com, I hope I can help other people to escape or avoid the rat race through learning the online business and other legitimate opportunity in the online world. I will be reviewing products, sharing discussions, and blog about my online business ventures as well.


  1. Thanks for the clear review. I think that binary options are like a betting. Yes, you can win, but to win, tremendous knowledge have to be learned. So why to spend time and money on such risky business. Better invest in a long lasting enterprise like affiliate marketing.
    I hope that your UMB review will open eyes for easy money seekers.

    • Hi Andrejs, I’m in total agreement with you. Binary options trading is basically a forex trading with a fancy name on an overhyped software. It is pretty much like a betting game and like you said, any betting games are a risky business. I would rather spend my time and energy on online marketing, especially affiliate marketing, where you can safely learn through the ropes and be good at it to eventually make a proper sustainable online income.

  2. Well, this definitely looks like another get rich quick scam. Thanks for doing the research and offering this info. There’s so many different programs and companies out there, it’s really hard to know what’s good without wasting time and money!
    You gotta love those fake timer’s hey! What a joke! I’ve done the exact same thing before myself…just refreshed the page and the timer started again!!
    Oh well, they tried. And I suppose a lot of people have been caught by these guys.
    Thanks again and well done on this article! Jamie.

    • It is very much so I guess Jamie. I can’t believe my eyes that this scam was advertised in front of my eyes while reading my favorite boxing news. It was such an eyesore for me that I decided to give it a go and researched on this thing. And yeah, turns just another of those binary option trading again. Just recently, I found some interesting scam and phising activity in my email inbox. I will do my usual investigation and share my findings soon.

  3. Most people do not realize that to even get into a program for trading stocks is hard and almost impossible. If it was easy it would not be by invitation only. This is a great review and I hope it stops people from wasting their money on get rich schemes. To make good money online in affiliate marketing takes at the very least a year and some real training. I used Wealth Affiliate and I am starting to earn now too. It has been a couple months and lots of training but it is worth it. Great job!

    • Hi Tammy, great to hear from fellow WA members who has started to taste some real success too. Like any other type of businesses, to succeed in online marketing will need some investment in time and learning. There is no such thing as quick rich business unless it is a scam like my review here on UMB. The only one who is getting rich, is the creator of this highly suspect program.

      Among all the online training program that I have tried out, Wealthy Affiliate is the place that I have stayed put because of the tremendous value that they provide, skill-wise, support-wise, and not to mentioned a highly motivated, caring, and supportive online communities that I’ve ever met 🙂

  4. Can we call this a scam? Or are we afraid of using that term? I am so tired of programs like this taking advantage of people who are willing to work hard in order to make an income online. I appreciate you doing a review of this “company”, because us consumers must be educated about what is going on around us. I took a look at the program you recommend and it does seem legitimate, it seems like they are based on working hard and strategies on driving customers to websites.

    • Hi Juan, yeah, you can call this a scam indeed. The way they promote just scream SCAM all over for me. Talk so big, promise so much, and then turns out to be another binary option trading again. This time a software that claims that you don’t have to much work, but just adjust the settings as you see fit, and you will thousands of dollars rolling in. What a bunch BS if you ask me.

      The program that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

      Why WA? Because they teach the proper basics on how to do an online business from the start. As you become better, there are many trainings that caters for more advance internet marketers. The trainings are always updated and every week there is always new training available.

      Check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

  5. Hey DLansing,
    I was interested in the Millionaire Blueprint because it claimed to be basically fully automated and could generate a lot of income. I am glad I came across your review because the sales video is very misleading and the actors do a good job at playing the role of investors. Are there any other systems like this that you would endorse?

    • Hi Alex, I’m glad that my review helped you to steer away from Ultimate Millionaires Blueprint (UMB) training program. I mean, if UMB is really honest in making you a millionaire, they would not resort to using all these dirty tactics to entice people to join their scammy program.

      There are a few trusted and reputable training programs out there. I suggest that you look into Wealthy Affilate Online Training Program as they are I believe is the best in the business in producing many successful internet marketers.

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