Online Cash Source Review – Please Stay Away

Website: onlinecashsource.com/

Owner: Dynamix 7 (http://dynamix7.com/)


Online Cash Source is another scammy product promoted by a fake news portal called the Career Journal Online.

I should know because I have been scammed really bad by the scam done by the same fake news portal last year under the name of Advancing Income.

I just noticed about this scammy product when I decided to check if this notorious fake news portal still exist and oh boy, it still does.

It may be promoting a slightly different program under a different name, but the modus operandi is pretty much the same.

I have discussed about their method of scamming people in my other post.


Super Convincing Tactics

Nevertheless, maybe I can share you just briefly on how they convince or rather ‘con’ to join their “money making opportunity”.

  1. Big Enticing Numbers of Cash as the Main Title

chrome 8/7/2015 , 12:39:00 PM Chrome Legacy Window Work At Home Special Report! - Google Chrome

8/7/2015 , 12:39:00 PM
Chrome Legacy Window
Work At Home Special Report! – Google Chrome

As you can see from the pictures above, the title starts with an exceedingly huge numbers.

I believe the careeronlinejournal website is really sophisticated and has the ability to detect the location, country, and even the city where you stay.

I mean, I am from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and this website coincidentally say that somebody by the name of Melissa Jung from my hometown Kota Kinabalu, has been “earning” a lot by learning from their program. How coincidental is that?

This makes for a very convincing title and help to feed the greed and desperation in a person.

2. Uses Local Newspaper Logo

Not to mention that this website makes use of a few prominent local newspapers to make their website look more legitimate.

chrome 8/7/2015 , 12:39:00 PM Chrome Legacy Window Work At Home Special Report! - Google Chrome

8/7/2015 , 12:39:00 PM
Chrome Legacy Window
Work At Home Special Report! – Google Chrome

3. Showing Fake Cheque with Huge Cash Numbers

No scam is complete without showing off a big fat cash number on a fake cheque and this one is no different as well.

Online Cash Source Fake Cheque

4 .A Nice Picture of Luxury Car

Online Cash Source SCAM showing nice car

There is nothing wrong in showing a nice car but for this particular website, it was part of their strategy to lure potential scam victims.

5. Misleading Story

“Small Activation Fee” – Which will become Bigger!

The whole story on the page is misleading actually. But I would like to bring your attention onto this particular paragraph as shown below.

It says here that there is only a small activation fee is needed, which is a mere 2 USD.

This is actually only the beginning.. You can’t really do anything because you are only receiving an empty back office for that price.

Another upsell will be coming soon after this, which a USD 29.90 per month package for you to be able to access to your back office which is fair enough.

But there is no training provided for this in which this back-office is almost as good as useless.

Expect in a couple days or so, their marketing personnel will call you promote/tell you to buy a training package that starts at USD $495…

I think you know where I am going here.

The process of upselling simply going to continue on and on.

I have written a complete post on their modus operandi and you can read them at this link here.

No Need To Sell Anything – Nobody Has To Buy Anything (BS!)

This statement is nothing but b*** s*** to me.

You want to earn money? You have to sell something or at least promote something of a value that people would gladly part with their money.

In other words, to earn good money, there must be somebody selling and another person willing buy what’s on offer.

There’s no two ways about it and that’s why their statement is simply too misleading.

How do I know? Well, one of the main training provided by them is to promote and sell products from Amazon. There is nothing wrong with selling products from Amazon, but it is already very obvious that they have contradicted themselves when they said you don’t need to sell anything.

And about nobody has to buy anything, what with the constant upselling?

  1. Using Misleading Adsense Account Earning

Don’t get me wrong here. You can get decent money with Adsense.

However, the pic below is meant to mislead you, especially if you know nothing about Adsense.

Misleading Adsense Numbers

I don’t want to discourage you, but you need more than 1000 clicks per day to get that amount of money from Adsense.

And to get that many clicks you need thousands of visitors to your site every day. Unless you a real authority on your niche or possessing multiple successful niche websites, a newbie will not be able to get this much earning when just starting or even after quite some time.

You need time, dedication, and uniqueness that differentiates from other sites to be able to this off. However, this site never mentions even once on this site that one has to work hard on this. It makes it sounds as if it is very easy, which is very wrong in my opinion because you are giving people a false hope.


7. Do Not Believe The Comment Section Because It is a FAKE!

Until now, I couldn’t believe how could I believe on such fake comments at first.

Online Cash Source Fake Comments

I have to admit that I thought the comment section was legit therefore prompted me to to give this thing a try and I ended up a lost of about USD $2000.

So please, I appeal do not believe anything written in this comment section as everything is totally fixed. The comment section seems to be exactly the same this year 2015 just the way it is way back 2014.

My Final Thoughts on Online Cash Source

This so called” Online Cash Source” is no more than another ploy by the fake news portal Careerjournalonline.com to suck your hard earned money and in turn teach you low quality but super expensive online marketing course.

Please, just stay away from this scam and save your hard earned money.

There are many other ways to make legitimate money online.

Career Journal Online Final Verdict

Name: Online Cash Source

Website: onlinecashsource.com/

Price: See my advancing income review here

Owners: Dynamix 7 (http://dynamix7.com/)

VERDICT: SCAM – No Cash Source For You!!!

Scam symbol

 Are you tired and fed-up of SCAM, just like me? Read my no. 1 rated product here, or click on the image below:

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  1. Hi,

    Wow what a misleading product this sounds like. It’s a real shame that you got scammed by the same company a year ago.

    I’ve been victim of a few scams in my day and I can truly say that it is infuriating.

    This particular one you’re talking about sounds very convincing. They seem to use a lot of tactics that should frankly be illigal. Like using a local newspaper article. What a terrible thing.

    Thanks for the heads up on this one.


    • No problem Robert. I am really glad that this post help to get some heads up on this sly scam. It was a terrible experience getting scammed for me. I still could not believe it to this day that I got scammed for this. But like you said, this scam was so convincing with the local newspapers, local currency, and all, that I eventually got sucked into it and lose money along the process. Stay safe my friend and be aware of scam 🙂

  2. Hey there , can you please explain me how I am supposed to make money the moment no one sells , no one buys.What are they talking about?…Are they going crazy?…I’ve seen these tactics again and again.$2 – $30 – $500 , what’s next $6700??

    One mother from Malaysia , one sport car and a dinner at Hyatt Regency Casino.Yeah , yeah … I know.

    The testimonials are useless for me.Fake photos , fake comments , why should I believe something that is written or transformed into a media like video?

    This one is a cheap attempt to “fish” online newbies.You did very well to expose them.They needed it.I wonder how can they still operate?…But it is so easy.A new domain , a new product name and here they go again.

    • Hi Tasos, what I mean was their misleading claim, you don’t have to sell anything, and you are forcing anyone to buy anything. It is a very strong statement by this scam because you have to sell or promote something, for you to get some kind of income online. Yeah, it really sounded crazy to me too, but it doesn’t stop them from claiming such misleading statements. This scam, never reveal the whole thing. They say it only starts at $2, but little do we know it just goes up from there.

      As a person who has been scammed by them, I am always on the look out to warn people from falling prey to this unscrupulous scam!


    This is a total Scam, I have seen the similar images with similar stuff in My City and Country with local Newspaper Name and fake cheques. You are right about everything here, Wherever you see such images stay away name may be different but they all belong to single guy.


    • How can I argue with you there, Kunal. A scam is pretty much the same and once you get the hang of it, we can actually see the sign of scam so obviously from miles away lol!

  4. Some scammers are really skillful in what they do. We have all been scammed at some point. In one or two occasions I just needed to try something even though I knew it could be scam. Eventually, I found things that were not.

    This “product” has some obvious elements like this picture of luxury car. Whenever they use this kind of marketing strategy, just move on. Good thing that you write about it. Keep it up!


    • Hi Igor, yeah many of these scammers are really good at what they do. Newbies and desperate people can potentially easily fall prey to their nasty scams and tricks. I was one of the newbies so curious to learn to make money that I tried whatever comes on my path. There was this one scam where I was really badly affected financially by them. Luckily, I found Wealthy Affiliate and learn the right way on how to do online marketing. I am so grateful for the legitimate opportunity until now.

  5. Not another online SCAM!!

    I just don’t know where all these scams keep appearing from, and it’s just getting far too silly now!

    I think the title of the Online Cash Source program actually comes across scammy in intself, to be honest. Thanks for shring all the FAKE things about this program, and the thought of being scammed again by something else actually makes me feel ill!

    Thanks for a great review, and another for my list of scams to avoid.


    • Hi Neil, you said it right there, it’s another online scam again. Unfortunately, there is another scam online that i believe comes from the same bunch of people that create this very scam as well.I hope to find the time to a review on that as well so as to help more people from getting con by these people! Thanks for stopping by Neil and stay tune for my latest post 🙂

  6. From one scammed person to another i can honestly say that Online Cash Source has just went on my black list. I mean really?

    Aren’t there any legit ways to build an honest online business? I am definitely going to check out your review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    Since you have taken the bate before, I am sure you are not putting your word on yet another scammish opportunity.

    • Thanks for the comment George. I do notice some traits or even trends in these scammy products. I hope to keep my radar on and always be on the alert if these kind of scams been lurking somewhere. I have been scammed before and what a bitter experience it was. It has since become a responsibility for me to reveal these irresponsible people or shall we call them scammers or online con men? I really think so hehe…

  7. Another awesome article that has managed to warn me about a dodgy opprotunity – love visiting your site, I’ve learned so much!
    I have come across the career journal setup on many PTC sites – half the time their website buttons don’t even work ( they lead you to the same page on the site every time! )

  8. Hey,

    Whenever I see products like these, I instantly know this is a scam. There are far too many similar products out there that claim the same promotional jibberish over and over again.
    To be honest I get really fed up with these as well as they have almost identical pictures.
    Like you pointed out they have fake cheques, luxury cars (that they probably just took a picture off in the street), News articles and what not to promote their product further.
    It’s sad that there are all these scams out there and even worse that a lot of people fall for the.
    It’s encouraging to see some websites like yours exposing them, so that maybe we can prevent some of the damage they cause.
    Very great article and I hope to see more of these coming up!

    • Hi Estaban, yeah, after a while we basically can recognize their modus operandi rather easily. I am pretty fed-up just like you with all these scam just like you. However, they keep on popping-up like candy store or something. Nevertheless, I dont think i want to stop exposing these scammers. I have a lot of motivation to do just that simply because I was a victim of online scam as well. Really appreciate you stopping by Estaban.

        • Hi Christine, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is really legitimate and help many people start their own online business. It helps me a lot and now I am on the verge of setting up my own digital marketing agency thanks to all the teaching and guidence from trainings from them 🙂 Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

          Hope you find it useful Christine 🙂

  9. Online Cash Source
    This web page serves to warn others about a potential scam. Since the author recognizes this company as being the same company that scammed him but it’s under the guize of a new company.
    The company uses a known name in its advertisement and a local newspaper. Consequently it appears very believable!
    The content of this site is well written, and convincing. However, it may need to be proofed for a possible grammatical error. However, the ideas within the content are good as well as the images and pics. They work well together.

    • Thank you for your comment and feedback Mijareze. Really appreciate that 🙂

  10. Hi there,

    Wow I have to admit that’s quite a sophisticated scam! I’ve been looking in to that fake news portal after reading your review and have to say I’ve never seen a set up like this. If you have to say something positive you can congratulate them on being so creative I guess. 🙂

    On the other hand thanks for pointing it out, sorry about your losses previously. It’s great that you want to inform people of these scams. It’s unbelievable that is is legal for them to use ads of these trusted newspapers on their site. How do they do that you think?

    • Hi Maarten, yeah their method is indeed quite sophisticated. The scam page looks very believable to those who has never been or seen this kind of scam before. I should know it of course, as I was scammed before on a very similar page like this.

      About my losses, it is okay. At least I have the guts to reveal and do the expose, instead of sulking and shying away from the online world.

      About the newspaper ads, I do not think it is legal at all. But I do not think the scammers care at all. All they care is getting money into their pockets by any means necessary, even if the method is illegal.

      By writing this post, at least I get to share my experience, and people like you will be aware of such con activities :-

  11. Was doing some research on Online Cash Source as I was looking into buying it. Glad I found your review otherwise I might have lost some money. I had no idea they were the same news portal that pushes out other spam offers. Anything the Career Journal Online puts out really seems to be total crap and most likely a scam. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi John, yeah for us who are well informed and aware, careerjournalonline.org is nothing but crapshoot and scammy stuff. But for newbies hungry and desperate to earn some online money, the page is basically a wide open trap for them. I know, because I was a victim once too. I hope this of people will get to find eventually Wealthy Affiliates, which one of the very true online training program that has thousands of members willing to help.

  12. Hello

    Thanks for taking your time to openly and honestly review online cash source and exposing the scam that they are.
    Many people especialy those new online do fall for these many scams out there,it`s like the scams are more easier to find than the honest programmes out there.
    You are right,big numbers on the top(where the reader`seyes will first land) plays a role, after reading the large amounts, one feels the need to read on.
    l hope many people can see your review,and avoid the pain of being scammed online.

    • You are welcome, Roamy 🙂 I am glad that when I encountered Online Cash Source, it looks so familiar, like the scam that I was conned into before. I then immediately knew, that it was the same type of scam and I must revealed and warn the others through my blog here 🙂

  13. Mine is Melissa Johnson from Toamasina Madagascar. Imagine! the photos with the comment are not the same. Lucky as I am I check it and thank You.

    • Glad to know that this blog helps. It is quite funny to know that even Madagascar has not escaped from the clenched of online scam.
      Stay safe Randrianarivdelo and do not hesitate to ask me anything 🙂

  14. hi just read about this really shjocking but not a surprise. been wishing to do online work so i could work from home and get extra income from my job.
    but thanks to reading this i wont be doing that.
    is there no online jobs that you can do then??
    its a shame there is nothing genuine im very sorry for the people that have been conned of there hard earned cash.
    just wish there was something like that out there.
    i hope one day there will be good luck with your future guys.

    • Hi Marc, yeah, as you can see, scams abound everywhere in the internet world. I have my own share of being scammed before this. You can read my review and sharing on a scam online program that I was a victim HERE

      Nevertheless, there are a few online marketing program that are truly legitimate that I am lucky to come accross with. For me personally, The BEST ONLINE MARKETING PROGRAM is none other than Wealthy Affiliate. They have a FREE Starter Program that you can try for free with no obligation at all. I highly recommend you to try the free version to get a feel of what it is all about.

    This is from Career News Online that specifically states the comments are not real ….. Read the bottom of the terms. This was taken from an article of theirs about an INDONESIAN woman making $15000 a month


    We are not affiliated in any way with CNN, WebTV, News Channel 6, ABC, NBC, CBS, U.S. News or FOX, and all such trademarks on this web site, whether registered or not, are the property of their respective owners. The authors of this web site are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the third-party trade mark or third-party registered trade mark owners, and make no representations about them, their owners, their products or services. The term “advertorial” is a combination of “advertisement” and “editorial” written in an editorial format as an independent report, when in fact the advertisement may promote a particular product or interest. Advertorials take factual information and report it in an editorial format to allow the author, often a company marketing its products, to enhance or explain certain elements to maintain the reader’s interest. A familiar example is an airline’s in-flight magazines that provide an editorial reports about travel destinations to which the airline flies. As an advertorial, this page receives compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site. This program is not a job but an educational opportunity that can help individuals learn how to earn money through their entrepreneurial efforts. Anyone who decides to buy any program about making money will not necessarily make money simply by purchasing the program. People who think “I bought these materials so I’m going to automatically make money” are wrong. As any type of education has so many variables, it is impossible to accurately state what you may expect to achieve, however, people who bought the program not only bought the program, but also undertook additional training and education, applied the principles to an area of the market that was growing, kept their commitments and continued to learn. If you do what the individuals depicted did, you may generally expect to achieve a great education in the area of your choice, but you should not expect to earn any specific amount of money. Typical users of the starter materials that don’t enroll in coaching, don’t keep their commitments and don’t implement what they learn, generally make no money. Consistent with the advertorial concept, the comments posted in the comment section are also representative of typical comments and experiences which have been compiled into a comment format to illustrate a dialogue, however, the comments are not actual posts to this webpage and have been compiled or generated for illustrative purposes only.

    • Thank you very much for highlighting this out Simin. They do have this in their terms & condition, at the very end of the their web page written in very small print letters. I don’t think they want this to be very clear and can be read out easily by anyone. But if anything happens, they will certainly point to this tiny written so called “terms & condition”. They are definitely smart and cunning. One must be really careful with type of con.

  16. Very good review that expose all the tactics used by scammers to get people’s money. Sorry to hear you lost so much money on that scam. Very detailed article with lots of images to show how they manage to convince naive people to get into their scheme… I think the numerous upsells on every Internet marketing products are very annoying in general…

    • Hi David, don’t worry about me. I have learned from my mistake and moved on 🙂

      The upsells in the online marketing world annoys me as well. I think there are other better way to promote a products that adds value to the customer, but hard sell or sneaky upsell is definitely not the best way.

  17. Great review Dominic,
    I particularly hate online schemes that target the city you live in, they play dirty by playing with your sense of belonging making you want to try. unfortunately for them, they got careless and leave out a lot of mistakes lying around like hiding their clicks and plus those newspapers would never reveal a scam like this.

    I’ve dealt with Malaysian news firms especially Malay mail and they are quite strict when it comes to ads like this. I hope your review can help many people steer away from this scam, awesome work man. Keep it up.

    • Hi there Riaz, thanks for the comment. I really appreciate that.

      I really hope too that my post article on scams can help some people to escape from such con jobs and get duped.

      I had my share of being scammed before and it was really not a nice experience.

  18. I’m extremely worried that I am the kind of person who might get scammed! As such I’m always on the look out for reviews like these which are very helpful as they give a good insight based on peoples own experiences. I will certainly be staying away from Online Cash Scam Program!

    It’s unfair to give misleading information enticing people into these scam traps. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi there Nusrat, I am happy that you get to read my review before you see this type of scam. At least you are aware of those dangers and risk involve. Unfortunately, this kind of scams will always be around and we have to always be diligent and not too gullible to try whatever opportunty that comes our way. I know how it feels becuase I was scam big time before this as well.

  19. After years of searching and testing lot of programs and opportunities offered online, I believe in one fact and one fact only.

    The fact that I believe in is that to generate income from any online business – same as in any other legitimate business- needs to work hard and follow the book in order to achieve your goals.

    I feel sorry for you that you had scammed twice within one year, and I feel sorry more that it was done by same company.

    Thank you for sharing us this information, by sharing us such articles; you are offering us a big favor to save us from these scams.

    • Hi Daria, well not twice, just once actually. But that one time scam cost me a bomb! Was a really bitter pill to swallow, but at least I have moved on and instead of being negative about my experience, I turn it to be positive things for me. Such as writing scam reviews to warn off people 🙂

  20. How do these scams stay alive? It seems to me that people quickly become aware of these problems and then they do the honorable thing, like you’re doing, in exposing it. After so many have been duped and after so many have written reviews and offered warnings to stay away from these bozos, somehow, they still attract lots of customers. I just don’t understand why.
    Whenever I see people posting images of checks that highlight how much they have earned, I throw up a red flag. I suppose with limited online experience, some Internet users may not see what is obvious to the seasoned user.
    If there is nothing to sell and nothing to buy, what is the point? I’m glad that there are people like yourself willing to take some time to protect others from these online miscreants. Keep exposing these scams, I’m sure that many people appreciate your efforts. I certainly do.

  21. Hello here, thank you for spreading information about another product,which promises all the money on the Earth. I do not know how do they find people who believe in this nonsense. Anyway, people always wanted to be rich in a fast way. If somebody offers it for them, why not.
    Just one thing is that people loose their money and time which is precious and any money can not it buy.
    I think that Online Cash Source is an other shiny subject to catch naive people.
    You do a great job informing your visitors about traps of this particular website.
    Thanks, all the best to you, Nemira.

    • Hi Nemira, unfortunately everyday there have been always many newbies wanting to try and make it online every day. Most started out naively and can end up being scammed or duped. I should know, because I was scammed big time when I first started out. It was a costly and heartbreaking experience. Luckily, I found Wealthy Affiliate and never look back since 🙂

  22. Excellent website. You’ve done a very good job showing a scam and explaining how good Wealthy Affiliate is and all the perks that are included. I especially like your about me page. Well done. I think your site is well set up, but just a little busy for me. Much success in 2016. Deanna

    • Hi Deanna, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate that a lot. You know I happened to stumble this Online Cash Source scam when it suddenly appeared in my inbox. Good thing that I didn’t ignore or delete it right away. I decided to do some investigation and once I can confirm that this thing is a scam, I didn’t waste my time to write a review on this. Seems like I have helped a bit of people with review and I’m quite happy with the result 🙂

  23. Hey Dominic, sorry to hear you lost $2000 on this program. Yeah, when reading the comments it also looked like legit comments to me. But that’s probably what they are trying to do. Making it as believable as possible to lure people in.

    Thanks for the info and I hope you can make up for the lost money with legit programs! Have you discovered any good profitable programs so far?

    • Hi there Jurgen, no worries man. I‘m already pass that regret page of my life lol! It was a lot of money for me, but it’s okay, I’ve learned my lesson and now I’m at Wealthy Affiliate, I know that I am in safe hands.

      About the comments, yeah man, dang.. Don’t they look legit? But there are certainly not! What a clever way to convince people indeed. Legit programs? Well, I have found several and there are listed at my Legitimate Online Business Page. The best one is none other my No.1 Rated Online Business Training Program Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

  24. Wow ill definitely steer clear of this scam.

    Thanks for the in depth review, you did great job exposing this scam. It’s amazing how many people there are who scam others. And Im glad I found Wealthy Affiliate, probably one of the few legitimate opportunities out there.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Ian, yeah you and I should definitely steer out of this scam. You know, it is all about the money. They are many who love nothing more than cut off other peoples money regardless of your situation. WA has the best online marketing training module by far compared to others.

  25. Wow… This is incredible. There is all that it takes for a scam. Fake testimonials, shiny fake car, fake earning checks… Thanks for this great review!

    • Thanks David, yeah, this is what I call a complete scam package!
      You have the fake cheque, luxury car, dubious testimonials, and full of big promises! Man, I can’t believe that I was once were scam by them as well. I have learned my lesson and I hope that my post here will help people to steer clear from this unscrupulous online scammer.
      Fortunately, I have found a legitimate platform for learning online marketing the proper way with Wealthy Affiliate (WA).
      I feel blessed and empowered since then, I can’t thank the creator of WA enough.

  26. Thanks for the review. They sure do have a convincing website. And it’s easy to see how people who want to earn online could be a victim to this company. I’m glad you have put this out there so more people will get educated on sites like this and won’t lose their hard earned money.

    • Hi Gloria, yup, they do have a very convincing website that I was once their victim as well. As much as I am totally ashamed with myself while losing a lot of money in the process, I can’t let them get away with it and con more people. That is the main objective for my review here, which is steering people away from this malicious scam.

      I’m fortunate that I finally found the perfect and legitimate program for me that already helps me to earn income online the right way. The program is none other than Wealthy Affiliate.

  27. One thing that makes me so angry about internet marketing is that it really is a legit business but it carries a terrible name because of all the idiots out there trying to tell people they can get rich quick and it’s as far from the truth as the sun is from the earth.
    When I signed up for the free WA account, I honestly thought it was another scam so I went in with my guard up and my weapons drawn. I’ve since discovered that these are friendlies here, and they’ll actually help you if you’ll just ask! Torrey

    • Terrible you are right Torrey. In every legitimate online business, there are even more scam cropping up to prey on people who are looking for greener pastures in the online world. You and I are lucky that we found WA Free Starter Account and get to learn and discover the proper way to do online marketing. No spammy or hanky-panky tactics. Thanks for your feedback Torrey.

  28. Hey,
    I have not heard of Online Cash Source before, but if I ever see a friend or family interested in this I will immediately send them to this article. I noticed that the comments are what really got you into it and honestly I feel that way too. I always make sure and check if other recommend it in the comments and if they’re good I’m okay with it. Do you know why the comments get most people? Great article and I hope you have a great one.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your comment here. Online Cash Source is a dodgy scam that I am quite familiar with where I was scam on one of their program. So this is one way that I can warn people of the con job that they are doing. The comment section such as this section is important for readers and potential victims to validate their suspicion or answer their question on this particular product.

  29. HI there my friends.

    Love this site and the logo of the rat running away.

    Great review of a product that is by the look of it pretty scammy. I love the way you have gone into great detail exposing the scam and explaining to readers why it is a scam and how it works.

    People that make scams like this make me sick.

    • Hi Derek, I’m glad that you like my little rat running the endless rat race lol!

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and support to my site here. I mean seriously, the scam that called themselves Online Cash Source is a really mean scammy modus operandi that only interested in sucking money out of you. The way they try to entice people are so over the top and apply every trick in the book. Please be careful with them for sure.

  30. Incredible story indeed. If I understand correctly, they locate you in the moment when you enter their site and then simultaneously adapt the location in the title. I have never seen something like this.

    As for the comments they provide, I have learned long ago not to believe in comments. In fact I published a post about this. But really the rest of the story us such that one must see to believe it. Many thanks for this.

    • Yeah, I gotta admit that I was naived enough last time to read through the comment section and believed everything written there. It was a bitter lesson to swallow but luckily I learned and rebounded back from my mistake. Thanks for your feedback Jovo, really appreciate that.

  31. These fake news sites annoy me the worse. They pop up all over the internet and pretend to be a way to get rich on the internet. The comments are always fake, and so are the articles.

    I’m sure many people, especially older generations, fall for these scams, and it’s actually quite sad.

    • It is sad indeed. I mean, I am young, but I still got scammed by them too once upon a time in my early online marketing journey. That’s why I do my part necessary to help others with this trapped by this scam. Thanks Alec for commenting :-

  32. I’ve been thinking about joining Online Cash Source for a while now but I’m really glad I didn’t. Your post brings up a lot of valid points that I hadn’t considered before. Now that I look at it, the site definitely looks like it’s a scam. The fancy car, check, and newspaper all enhance the fact that this is in fact a scam program. Thank you so much for saving me time and money!

    • Hi Bimmerguy, I’m glad that you find my post here helps you to realize that Online Cash Source is a scam. You know what is not a scam and has already helped many people succeed in online marketing? Check out Wealthy Affiliate. There is a free program, no obligation, try it and give me your thoughts 🙂

  33. Hi there! Thank you for sharing this scam with us. I think its a good job that people like you take the time to inform others about these scams because it seems like there is more than ever these days. A few weeks ago I saw a very similar advert and like you mentioned here, the add that I saw was full of fake images and logo’s that were simply designed to make the page look like a news site. One thing that I noticed about the fake page that I was on though was the fact that every link on the page all took me to a sign up page for the product. Even the terms page and the privacy policy took me to the sign up page. Looks like the scam you are talking about here is very similar. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing your experience here. Well, that site is pretty much a scam site from the way it works indeed. You sure have an eye for dubious and scam products, good for you ;-

  34. As you mentioned, Online Cash Source seems misleading and unethical in many aspects. Fake testimonials, multiple upsells, etc. People pay a small activation fee of $2 thinking that will provide them with what they need, and then to be hit with constant expenses for increased access and tools, it’s tricky to say the least. How long did it take you to find your #1 rated program – Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Mathew, definitely a sneaky scam that starts by getting a little money out of you and slowly extorting more and more. Stay out of it my friend. As for Wealthy Affiliate, it took me close a year before I finally stumbled into this. And what a blessing it has been for me 🙂

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