How to Succeed in Online Marketing – Look Through Customer’s Perspective

Online Marketing For Success

The Online Marketing

Online marketing is a very complex world which encompasses a lot of strategies and tactics which have been developing rapidly all these years.

Nevertheless, there are several key basic steps which are constant and the same all these years.

Follow the basic steps, and as you gradually expand upon them, you will go a long way in having yourself a successful online marketing campaign in the long run.

Critical Tips to Online Success

So what are the key basic steps for a successful online marketing?

There are actually a few steps involved, but if I have to summarize the shortest way possible, it would be these three steps:

  1. Develop effective strategies for your online marketing campaign
  2. Bring in and drive quality traffic to your website
  3. Converting your traffic into sales/business

These three steps can be further trickle down into many more strategies, tactics and campaigns.

These include building professional looking websites, utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, leveraging social media reach, customer service, etc.

Why we the online marketer implement all these strategies?

Because we want to attract the attention of the people from the other side!

Who are they? Our customers, of course.

Look From Your Customer’s Perspective

Look from your customer perspective

Look from your customer perspective, not just yours

So what is the best way to attract customer to our business you might ask.

The best way is actually by understanding the customers that we would like to attract.

Put yourselves in the shoes of our customer and see things from their perspective.

When you can see from your customers’ perspective, you can then guess what they might be thinking.

What is your customer thinking?

So what is your customer might be thinking when looking for something to buy?

Well, why don’t you ask yourself first the same question.

What are you thinking when you are looking to buy something? Chances are you will be thinking:

  • Is this product any good?
  • Is this reliable and can last long?
  • Is the price right?
  • Is the price worth it?
  • Why should I buy this one rather than that one?
  • How does the quality compare to the other known brands?
  • Is it convenient to buy and trustworthy?
  • Any good review I can see/read before I buy?
  • Is there any cheaper/better alternative around?
  • How can I purchase without much hassle?
  • Etc.

Just like you, above are some of the things that people may think or consider before they come up with a decision to buy or not a certain product offering of yours.

How to look from customer perspective

Know what is your customers thinking

So think like a consumer or potential buyer first, identify their wants and needs, and you can be very successful in your online marketing effort.

Understand The Customer Buying Cycle

I highly recommend you to understand the customer buying process or cycle when implementing your marketing campaign.

Customer Buying Cycle

Ideally, you should always try to aim or get closer to the decision/buying process.

Customer Buying Stages

The closer to customer buying decision the better

The closer you can get to the decision buying process, the higher the chances for you to make your sale.

Have you ever wondered, why many product reviews start with the word “the best”, “the cheapest”  or ends with “review”?

It is simply because those words have proven to be a high converting words.

Of course, there are so many others as well and I may discuss this topic in my future post.

So there you have it folks, my take on how to succeed at online marketing.

If you have any questions or feedback, just drop me a comment below. I would be more than happy to hear from you.




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Article Name
How to Succeed at Online Marketing - Look Through Customer's Perspective
Online marketing is a very complex world which encompasses a lot of strategies and tactics which have been developing rapidly all these years. Sometimes, however, we forget that there is a person on the side of the online world. Look through our customers' perspective and you can marketing effort off the roof!


  1. Great advice on how to succeed at internet marketing – I feel that a lot more fail than succeed overall so this info should go down VERY well.
    I especially like your hint on developing effective strategies for your online marketing campaign. I feel that planning things out beforehand will always give you an advantage

    • Hi Chris, I truly believe that if we can understand our customer, we will have better chances of converting our products into sales. Therefore, I believe it is important that we try to look through the perspective of our potential customers. What are they looking for, what is the problem, what solutions are they looking for, etc. Thanks for your comment by the way 🙂

  2. Hi Dlansing, you have touched on the most important topic in marketing. This should be general knowledge but not many of us marketers take it serious. We always go about thinking that we have the best ideas. This kind of self centeredness kills promising businesses. Thank you for reminding me to look at my business from the perspective of my client.

    • I am glad that you are thinking the same thing like me. I truly believe that it is advantageous if we are able to look through the eyes of our customer. If we are able to know their needs and desires, our online business will easily hit the roof! But a lot research will need be done to narrow down your niche of choice.

  3. I really like the way how you explain the customer purchase life cycle. I always like to catch my customers within the last couple of phases with product reviews.

    If you can give that extra effort to give the customer the desired information that they want, then they will eventually purchase from you.

    Helping people is the name of the game 🙂

    • That is usually the way Viljoen 🙂 You start with a great product review first and end up with a link that provides the best value for purchase for your customer 🙂

  4. Haha, that’s a great Dilbert cartoon, and it so wonderfully illustrates the point. If you are always thinking only of profits, you might struggle to get those profits because you have forgotten your customer. The customer is king really. if you can please your customer and make them feel like they are being looked after and getting a great deal, they are more likely to stay or come back.

    Have you ever been on the receiving end of bad customer service?

    • Indeed Marcus, that Dilbert cartoon really cracks me up lol!

      On the receiving end of bad customer service? I sure had my share of bad experience and one thing for sure, I will definitely would not come back to that store or place anymore. What that means? It means that they are losing customer already and not to mention, I will not recommend anybody to go there. Word of mouth is very powerful and should not be underestimated.

  5. Great article! You make some very valid points, especially regarding the one to put yourself in your customers shoes. We must always ask ourselves, how can i help my customer? how can i make things easier for them or solve a problem for them? If you help others get what they want or need, you will then get what you want or need. It is a win-win!

    • Hi Jane , thank you very much for your opinion. I definitely feel very validated by your comment right now. Like you said, it is not about us but how can our products will benefit our customer, right? Then only, we may be able to get rewarded accordingly for helping our customer to solve their problem, or getting what they want 🙂

  6. I think it is true that we need to think of what the customer wants. Definitely out goal is to provide value so customers can get something out of it.

    Few people really enjoy parting with their hard-earned money unless you strongly convince them to. And to do that you have to let them know why it will help them and how it helped you. I think this is something that makes bloggers and internet marketers have an edge over companies trying to sell directly because they experience the products and help consumers decide whether to buy them, this really helps people develop a sense of what they’re buying.


    • Hi Maria, thanks a lot for your feedback and opinion Maria. I learned quite a bit from your comment here.

      Really appreciate that and I hope to hear from you again 🙂

  7. I too am an advocate for online marketing. It give you unlimited possibilities and potential. It’s not necessarily easy but it can be a fun learning for people that really want a passive income or just a way to connect with others. Joining wealthy affiliate has probably been the best decision toward making a passive online income i’ve made. Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Geleesa, you are so welcome and thanks a lot for your comment. Appreciate that a lot and all the best in your online marketing journey 🙂

  8. Excellent information about understanding what the customer wants by putting yourself in their shoes. You’re exactly right by saying that it is essential to being successful in online marketing.

    This is where research comes in for whatever niche you’ve chosen and seeing what problems customers are having in that niche and promoting a product in that niche that can solve those problems.

    • Thanks a lot Brian for your feedback.

      Yes, at the end of the day, it’s the customer that bring the business to us. Therefore, it is very important that we understand the needs and wants of our potential customers. One of the way how we can check what our customers are interested in especially online, is by doing keyword research. Check out how I did just that in using my favourite keyword tool, Jaaxy in this link here.

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