How to Find Profitable Niche Market

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What is a niche market anyway?

Niche in the strictest sense, is a distinct market or distinct target audience.

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To put it more simply, a niche is a group of people who are interested in something. That something, however has to be specific.

The main thing about this group of people, is to be very specific and not being too broad. It is much easier to relate and convey your message to a specific targeted audience.

Process in Niche Marketing

Let us look into the basic process of niche marketing process.Niche Market3

  • Choose a niche
  • Find products to promote
  • Build a website
  • Fill website with relevant content
  • Promote your website

As you can see, choosing a niche is the first and therefore the most important steps in the niche marketing process.

Choose the wrong niche or choosing a niche too broad, the chances of achieving good success in niche marketing will be reduced greatly.

Luckily, there are so many untapped or so called “low hanging fruit” niches available out there and you can easily capitalize and make money while having very little competition.

This can be done if you have the right know-how, right techniques, and useful keyword tools.

Most basic technique – Alphabet Soup Technique

The Alphabet Soup Technique is a good basic technique to look for a potential niche. This particular technique can easily help you to find out what are people looking for in the search engine.

What happen is that, when you start to type in a certain particular word or sentence, the search engine will have an autocompletes where it will start to predict what are the things that you are looking for, by displaying a number of phrases in advance based on what are the most common thing that people are looking for from their data system.

For example, let say I type the word; golf+a

Alph Soup Tech Golf1

As you can see, I get the above phrases predicted for me (golf accessories, golf and mike, golf asia magazine and golf Asian tour).

As I continue on with; golf+ab

I get – golf abu dhabi, golf abbreviations, golf Aberdeen and golf Asian tour.

Alph Soup Tech Golf2

With the alphabet soup technique, we can use our word or phrase of interest to get a glimpse of what people are looking for in the search engine.

This in turn, helps in your search for a viable niche market.

Let us look one more time if I type; golf+b

Alph Soup Tech Golf3

I get; golf buddy, golf brand, golf bag and golf bogey.

You can also watch the video below on how to correctly use the alphabet soup technique.


Free but Powerful Keyword Tool – Jaaxy

My favorite way to search for a great niche is by using a super keyword tool called Jaaxy.


Jaaxy is a very powerful keyword tool because Jaaxy doesn’t just only include search data from the data alone, but also from other major search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, Live and others.

This makes for a very thorough keyword research and that includes searching for potential low competition niche market.

4 Powerful Factors for finding niche market – By Jaaxy


Monthly Average Search: Average number of searches of a certain keyword receive in a month

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): Indication of the quality of a certain keyword

Quoted Search Results (QSR): The most important factor, because QSR indicates the exact number of competing websites ranked in a search engine such as Google for the exact keyword.

SEO Power Score: A score on traffic and competition. The higher the better.

You can read my full article on what these 4 powerful factors here.

How I use Jaaxy to uncover new niche market

For this example, let say that I am interested in promoting Golf Club.

However, the market for golf club is too broad and very competitive.

So, when I type in the word golf club in Jaaxy,

Jaaxy Golf Club1


These are the list that came out from the word “golf club” through Jaaxy:

Jaaxy Golf Club2

The 2 key factors when looking for unique niche market are

  • QSR must be less than 400 – Meaning keyword must have less than 400 competitions
  • Keyword must have decent traffic

Based on the key factors provided, you can immediately see several potential niches for you to consider on the keyword for golf club.

For example, according to the Jaaxy results in the table above, you may want to consider and do further research on; golf club sale used, women golf clubs, and golf clubs sets.

You can also see a video demonstration below on finding  a niche using Jaaxy within 2 minutes.

So there you have it, my tips on how to find profitable niche market. Thank you very much for taking your time to read my blog post.

If you have comment or opinion, feel free to drop a comment below!


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Article Name
How to Find Profitable Niche Market
Having the necessary knowledge, proper techniques and great keyword tool will help you a long way in having your own profitable online business in the right niche market.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to write how to find a profitable niche market, everything is nicely laid out, easy to read and understand. I think I might just try out Jaaxy it seems to be pretty cool, It looks really simple to use as well. You have some great tips as well. Thanks again. 🙂

    • My pleasure Jennifer 🙂 Jaaxy really helps me in choosing many great niche for my online business. When searching for great article post ideas, Jaaxy is my number 1 tool of choice to get the best keyword for me 😉


    • I’m glad that you find some good information here. Yeah, you should check out Jaaxy, it is just simply awesome!


  2. While looking around the internet I found your article on how to find a profitable niche market. Which is exactly what someone needs to know when starting an online business.
    There is many ways to look for a niche, but I have to say I did like that alphabet soup technique. I looks like it’s a great way to see what people are searching for.

    I’ve used a few KeyWord Tools, but Jaxxy looks like it would be a better one to use than my current tool. Thanks for the info on how to find a profitable niche.

    • Thank you for your comment Markus. I am glad that you like alphabet soup technique because for me, alphabet soup technique is a great sneaky way to see what people are searching for from a particular search engine. About Jaaxy, well, it’s not that I can’t leave without it but, it makes my life a whole lot easier for sure!


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