How to Create Quality Content for Your Website – And Get Noticed by Google

Do you aspire to be an online entrepreneur?

Well, you have come to the right place. I just happen to be one 🙂
To be an online entrepreneur, it is best that you have your own website for your online business.
Although it may not be necessary to have your own website to be an online entrepreneur, having your own website will provide you the platform to build the foundation of your online business and enhancing your brand.

You can read my post on how to build a website for your own work at home online business here.

Want Your Website to be Profitable? – Bring in traffic

A beautiful website alone is not enough if you intend on making money in the online world.
Why? Because a beautiful website is not going to help to bring traffic to your website.

When I say traffic, I mean bringing in visitors to your website.

If there is no visitors, means no business. No business means you are not able to make money.

The Best Way to get Online Traffic? – Be on the first 3 pages at Google

There are many ways to get traffic to your website.
From promoting your website and related products to the social media, to implementing advanced online marketing techniques.

However, one sure fire way to bring in traffics to your website is by positioning your website to the first 3 pages of a search engine such as Google.

So how do you do that?

To get high ranking in the search engine, there are several ways to do that.

For long term and continuous online success, you need to do and remember these two things:

  1. Find and use a keyword with relatively high traffic, but have low competition. We call it “low hanging fruit” keywords 😉
  2. Write quality content that is engaging to the visitors

How to find and use a keyword with relatively high traffic, but have low competition?

To find a great keyword that gives you good traffic, but still low on competition, there are some techniques that you can implement.

But if you want to save time and make your search for keywords fast, easy, and effective, you got to get yourself a reliable and powerful keyword tool.

My keyword search tool of choice is Jaaxy.

My search for great keywords with high traffics and low competition have never been so much easier since I used Jaaxy.

I highly recommend you to use Jaaxy as your keyword tool of choice.

I have discussed further on Jaaxy on my post here (Keyword Search Tips – For High Ranking in Google Search) and also on how Jaaxy can help to find a great niche here (How to Find Profitable Niche Market).

How to Write Quality Content for Your Website

Of all the things that I have discussed in this post, this is the most important.

You can have the best looking website, search the best keyword ideas, using the best tools around, but it would not help you much in getting a good ranking on Google, much less getting traffic.

Like I said just now, no traffic, means no visitors. No visitors means no chance for sales. No sales means you are not making any money.

So, you want to have good quality contents for your website.

Write contents that are engaging

The best article post is usually the one that engages their audience.

Here is one tip on the best way to engage an audience.
Write your content you’re in a conversational tone.

Write in a conversational tone

Write in a conversational tone

Your audience will relate to you more and will not feel alienated or felt unengaged with you.

While writing your own engaging “content”, please don’t just simply write a long-winded post with much structure in it.

You will risk making your audience bored and leaved your website.

  • Remember these seven things for quality page or post:
  • Short and small paragraph
  • Divide and separate your post or page into several subtopics.
  • Use the a bigger or bold heading for your title on your subtopics
  • Use black or dark gray text on a white background
  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Use an eye-catching or impactful headline
  • Put relevant images on your post

The main goal when writing a quality content, is to show people something within a content, and not to simply tell people.

Let me show you an example here:
Option A – Show people how you can easily build a website in under 1 minute, perhaps even with a video demonstration that walk them through the whole process
Option B – Tell people what is a website and how to build one in under 1 minute

Of the two options, which one do you think will provide a better impact on your audience and gives more benefits?

So you can see here that there is a big difference between showing and telling people.

Here is an example of how do I write a content using the above criteria.

Webpage: BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE – For Work At Home Online Business

No spun content and plagiarized content, please!

When writing your content please be aware that, writing garbage and simplistic content does not count.

And please, no spun content or plagiarized work!

Google will quickly recognize these things and your website will be penalized for it.

How? By condemning your website from the search engine purgatory, and there goes all your work down the drain.

You can read what Google has to say about duplicate content here.

There you have it folks, my tips on how to write quality content for your website that can help to boost the ranking of your website and in turns attract more visitors in the long term.

If you have any questions or feedback, please just drop me a comment below.


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  1. A lot of it really is down to good keyword research. if you find a keyword with low competition, and then write good quality content on that topic, it can be quite easy to rank on the first page of Google. No need to any fancy tools or tricks, just good keyword research and good content. And the great thing about showing up on page 1 of Google is this is exactly where people will find you. And the people that find you there will be looking for exactly what your page is about.

    • You are so right Marcus, it is actually as simple as that although there can be a bit of work and research that needs to be done. But once you get down to it, identify your low competition keyword and writing quality content on it, you are basically have a great chance to have good ranking in the Search Engine. Thanks for your helpful input Marcus 🙂

  2. I love the name rat race buster . com! Thats a very ingenious website name!
    It is very true that google rankings can come easily when you use the “low hanging fruit” technique.
    I also use Jaaxy and it lends itself very well to this strategy. I’ve been trying to get a schedule on how often to post though.
    In your opinion, how often should you post when using the low hanging fruit technique?

    • Hi Marant, the website name rat race buster sounds catchy right hehe 😉 I am really happy that I got to register it under my use since the rat race dilemma really strikes with me. I am still part of the rat race though, but slowly and surely, my goal to escape the never ending rat race is getting nearer by the day. “Low hanging fruit” technique, also known as “long tail keyword”, is an effective and proven technique to be on top of the search engine due much lesser competition.

      So you were asking, how often should you post the low hanging fruit. Here are my suggestions that you may want to consider

      1) Preferably, you want to post blog post as often as possible because the big G loves fresh and new content. At the very least, you may want to post 2 or 3 blog posts a week, with a minimum of 400-800 words. The more the better.

      2) You can also use this strategy, whereby you only need to post 1 post a week or 2 weeks, but your post has to have at least 2000 words or more. Make sure the content is original and not plagiarize from other website though. This also works, because the big G is also a big fan of great and expansive original content.

      In addition to the above suggestion, you can get some real engagement in your post, by linking your post to social media such Facebook, Google plus, twitter, etc. The big G also loves lively and hotly debated blog post as it is sign of liveliness and great user experience.

      Hope my comment helps Marant 🙂

  3. Hi, you discuss important issues relevant for any online business. I could argue that being on the first three pages on Google is not good enough. Here is one example, if you are in the middle of second page you get only 0.4 percents of total traffic for the given keyword. So I would say without first page on Google one is doomed.

    I like your 7 advices about a page or post. But you write about building a site under one minute. Is this not a bit exaggerated? This cannot be real, am I wrong?

    • Hi Jovo, yes I can understand why you are saying that. I have to be to admit that in reality, and preferably, first page in any search engine especially Google, is the only things that matters. As a matter of fact, even on the first page itself, the major chunk of traffics will mostly goes to the first 3 top ranking websites. So ya, I can agree with you that beyong first page, you don’t really have much chance of good traffic at all.

      With regards to building a site, I think you are getting slightly misunderstand. What I meant by building a website is creating a website in under 1 minute. You can build or create a website in that time frame or even less than that. Wealthy Affiliate makes it possible to do just that, believe it or not. I think what you mean is creating contents for your webpages. That needs a lot more time for sure Jovo 🙂

  4. Awesome advice on creating that content and getting it in front of the search engines ( namely google! ).
    I’m glad you covered the importance of keywords as I am currently struggling with this aspect. I am using free tools but my results are not great. What would you recommend I do to rectify this?

    • Hi Chris, I am really happy that my post really helps you in understanding the need to create good quality content for your website and make it looks good with the search engine. If you are looking to get noticed and traffic doing SEO, having an understanding of keywords is very important. Using free tools is fine, but research may be too slow. I would suggest you to check out Jaaxy for your tool and research for keyword. There is a free version, and I suggest you to give a shot.

  5. It seems to me that the most important thing ever to do online is to get a website. However I have found from experience that the majority of people first come online with no money to spend. So the offer of a free website comes as a welcome relief to the thirsty wayfarer. As for jaaxy, the least said the better. I cannot find a better keyword tool.

    • Hi Emmanuel! Yes, just like you mentioned, the most basic thing to do online is getting your own website. You need to have a real estate in the online world and develop it from there. Sometimes, people don’t just realize how easy it is to build your own website. Of course, you have to then fill your websites with relevant and quality content. And what better way to get great ideas than utilizing Jaaxy, my first choice keyword research tool 😉 Thanks for your input Emmanuel, cheers!

  6. I read your post about creating quality content and I learned a lot. As I am new to affiliate marketing I seek as much useful information as I can and you certainly deliver that through your content. I also found it very easy to understand and remember. Thank you for that helpful information I will definitely use it as I move forward!

    • Hi Lukas, I am very happy to know that my post about creating quality content for your website help you to learn something. Affiliate marketing is all about conveying useful information to your readers and potential customers on certain products or services. These people if they have enough trust and are pretty convince with what you have to tell, they will want to buy through your recommendations 🙂

  7. really helpfull post . i also can help u guyzz
    for more info u can visit my site

    but could anyone helpme about content marketing?

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