Melissa Jung Scam – You Have Been Warned

Dubious Character That Cons

If you ever encounter with an online opportunity and the name of the lady in the testimonial is Melissa Jung, please stay away or better still, run away fast!

Melissa Jung Scam

She is a made-up character that were made to con people into believing that this lady “Melissa Jung” has made a killing “working online”.

This Melissa Jung character is commonly used to entice unsuspecting “Asian victim”. This character is usually portrayed as a regular mom/housewife from “Fill in the Blank (Any Asian Country)”.

She can be from Hong Kong or Singapore or Malaysia or wherever.

A Victim Myself

How do I know? Well, I was scammed into this last year (2014), and at that time it was claimed that this Mellissa Jung is from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, my home town, who knew?!

Overpowered by my greed and desperation, I let myself sucked into their scam and resulting in lost of money for me.

Changing Faces

I noticed that this Melissa Jung character, the face or picture is always changing, but the name remains the same.

Other Melissa Jung          Melissa Jung Pic

Obviously, the picture of this “made-up” lady is taken from stock photos online. I wonder how the person in the stock photo feels when she knows her picture is used for scamming or conning activity online.

Still Actively Scamming Unsuspecting People

A quick update, apparently the fake website where I was conned is still very active right now.

Why then does the website still continues despite the bad reputation after all these years?

Obviously, the owner of the website is still making a “killing” with their scam.

You can see a snapshot of the website below. If you plan to visit the site, enter at your own peril and please do not get sucked into their scam.

Career Journal Online Scam


The way the website being constructed is so believable.

The website is peppered with news reports, reporting journalist, news, blog, and the killer, cheque with huge numbers!

The reality is, all are FAKES.

I have written a comprehensive review on how they managed to veil their fake things so expertly on my other article here.

Other Version of Melissa Jung

I also notice that this website, if they are not using the character of Melissa Jung, they will use another character by the name of Melissa Johnson. She is portrayed as a Westerner, so presumably this character is used to target the western countries such as Europe and the US.

You can see the picture of “Melissa Johnson” as below.

Melissa Johnson Scam

Of course, as usual, the picture is not real and is probably a stock photo.

Cautionary Tale for Others

So again, I cannot stress enough that you should be careful when you happen to stumble this characters claiming to make lots of money online.

Hint: Making money is possible, but not without hard work, dedication and proper guidelines

I am writing this post, so that hopefully anybody who is trying to do a research on these dubious “Melissa” characters will get to have early warnings and would not get conned like myself.

Any Legitimate Internet Marketing Training Around?

Since I got scammed by them, I have been more careful with my research.

I look around for any legitimate online or training around, and to my pleasant surprise, there are actually a few of them.

This website that you are in right now, is created by myself through a great online training program centre called as the Wealthy Affiliate.

I have made a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate on why it is one of the best, if not the best Internet Marketing Training around.

You can read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate below.

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Do you have any encounter with Melissa Jung or Melissa Johnson characters?

If yes, do share your experience or feedback by dropping a comment below.

Your friend,


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Article Name
Melissa Jung Scam - You Have Been Warned
If you ever encounter with an online opportunity and the name of the lady in the testimonial is Melissa Jung, please stay away or better still, run away fast!


I decided to start my own online business so that I can escape the rat race that I am in. Things are really progressing well and it is just a matter of time before I can be finally free from my 9-5 job. With ratracebuster.com, I hope I can help other people to escape or avoid the rat race through learning the online business and other legitimate opportunity in the online world. I will be reviewing products, sharing discussions, and blog about my online business ventures as well.


  1. Hi Dlansing came upon your site and was checking out this article and some of your past posts as well. Really good information on what to look out for and the company you represent looks great. I will have to come back and look further into your Wealthy Affiliate program, looks like you have a real winner this time.

    • Hi Travis, thanks for stopping by my site. This site is created to show legitimate online opportunities and at the same time gives warning to harmful scams out there. Wealthy Affiliate is by far and away the best online training I’ve ever join in. There are others who are very good as well, but Wealthy Affiliate is my no.1 choice.

  2. Hi Dominic thanks for the sharing of scam. There are tons of online internet scam everywhere which means the legit and effective programs are so scarce. The scammer were indulged to fool around here because less prosecution and trials had been made. Ironically we were preyed at the low time in life to get the money like a stray dogs that were used without any return.

  3. Hi Dominic, thank you for sharing and the warning. What is their scam about? Cheers, Jerry

    • Hi Jerry, they are using these “Melissa Jung” characters as bait to funnel them into taking a less than satisfactory if not dubious online training site. I have made an article about the further scam HERE.

  4. Really interesting information. Never heard about this before. One must obviously be very careful nowadays. I can only say thanks a lot for this warning. Best luck to you. Jovo

    • You are welcome Jovo 🙂 Now you know about this and you can quickly go away when you see these fake characters in the online world.

  5. Thank you for exposing this scammy tactic.

    It sickens me knowing that there are still marketers out there that want to scam people out of their hard earned cash. Good thing there are programs like WA that actually get the job done when it comes to building an online post.\

    Again, thank you for sharing!

    • Hey, no problem Colton. This thing has been around for quite some time (2011 I guess) and it suprised me that this site stillexist despite many exposures and reveals. These guys are milking it for sure and I am just trying my best to create awareness so that less people get caught in their scammy tactics.

  6. There is not much left for me to do, than taking part of the great material of this kind in order to make me aware of scams! Thanks for that!

  7. Hi DLansing,

    I’ve seen Melissa Jung’s site before and I think it was because I got a spam comment on my website I was looking into. It was really crazy to find out how big a scam that site is. I was about to say her site, but she doesn’t exist…so those people are really messed up for trying to lure people into trusting into the young lady. Thank for the warning. I’ll stay away.


    • Hi Benjamin, yeah, this is what this post is about. To basically warn the net citizents on this scam and fictitious character by the name of Melissa Jung or in some cases, Melissa Johnson. Please stay away from this site and always stay safe in the internet world.

  8. Hi there
    Thanks so much for your post.
    It`s difficult knowing what product or which person to trust online.Im glad you save us from one more scammer.
    Sorry to hear you fell a victim.Thanks for letting us know what to look out for when trying to make money online.
    . I will have to take a look further into your Wealthy Affiliate program, looks like you have a real .
    Once again thanks so much

    • Hi Roamy, you don’t have to be sorry for anything here. It is my decision to share my bitter experience with this fictitious character by the name of Melissa Jung. Because I have experience in the scam first hand, it is much easier for me to be open and honest about the whole ordeal. Despite the bitter experience, I find solace in sharing my experience and forewarn other people 🙂

  9. DLansing,

    Great information. I too, have been scammed many times. Be it Empower Network, Pure Leverage and so many others. They promise the world and just take your money and the big guys at the top get all the glory. I am so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate. 10 years strong and real people creating real online income. It’s fantastic! Great website. Keep up the good work!


    • Oh my PJ, I guess we were on the same boat before, been scammed by all this online scammers. Just like you, I am really glad that I have found Wealthy Affiliate too. The journey has been very enriching and dollars also started to come in, which is really a great news for me. Keep up the good job PJ!

  10. You know, it’s one thing to be able to quit that day job and be able to take matters into your own hands as your own boss. But with scams like this all around the internet, it seems downright impossible to get started. Building an online business is still supposed to be hard work; only difference is that you’re in control of how much you make and work. Thanks for helping me stay away from scams like this one. Good review.

    • What you are saying is true. As more people are looking to make money online, the number of scam also increased at the same time preying for desperate people. Newbies especially are easy prey and I was one of the newbies who has been scammed before. I hope that my sharing here can at least help some people to stay away at this type of scam.

  11. This your classic case of a “churn and burn” scam. What happens is that these companies will create a character in which they use to promote their product/service and once there is enough bad information out there about their scam, they switch their names.

    This Melissa Jung scam appears to be the exact same thing and I have seen something eerily similar to this in my online research lately.

    Thanks for bringing attention to scams like this Dominic, it is going to help prevent a lot of folks from getting ripped off by scam artists like this.

    • Hi Kyle, hey this is my time hearing the term “churn and burn” type of scam. This term makes a lot of sense to me. This type of scam looks to be a mainstay in many scam as the scammers seems to able to easily create a fictitious character to entice unsuspecting victims, and once words out on the scam, the scammers just as easily shut down the character, and create an entirely new one. I hope to bring and share some kind of awareness and tips on how to avoid such scams on my website. Thanks again Kyle for sharing a new term with me 🙂

  12. Hi!

    Very well shown with those different faces. As I know this is a common method, I have seen it so many times, but this case goes little further. It`s quite bold actually. The owner of it probably feels safe with it and continues. I don`t know if there is any authority that can stop it but it`s definitely needed for cases like this.
    Still, good thing that you reveal it. I hope you didn`t lose much.

    Good work.

    • Hi Igor, oh yeah, they are certainly very bold indeed. Keep on churning the same kind of scams and using dubious characters to fool people into a scammy product or program. I guess it is not an easy for any authority to stop them. The least we can do is to alert to the people on this kind of scam. Don’t worry about me Igor. I did lose a bit, but it’s okay, I am doing fine now. Thanks for the concern Igor 🙂

  13. Melissa xxx. Great thanks for giving us a heads-up. There are indeed a lot of scams out there and it is difficult to identify each of them. You got the point, it is impossible to have a legit program or tool that will make you rich without doing anything. I also wonder why “they” are still out there cheating people. I wonder if we should stay away from all Melissa online. I am just joking anyway.

    I am glad you have found a legit way to earn money online at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Really great to find this post alerting everyone here.


    • Hi Alex, hey you are right over there. I mean it could be any name, so I kinda pity those with the name Melissa. God forbid somebody with the name Melissa Jung also found this scam, ouch! Thanks for your comment Alex, really appreciate that 🙂

  14. I have read about Melissa Jung too. But I was too busy to take action. Lucky for me. I normally will not trust testimonials as being in advertising industry for many years, I knew many were made up.

    Btw, I am from Malaysia too but in West Malaysia. Thanks for sharing such great piece of information. I will definitely share with my friends.

    • Hi Florence, it is great to see a fellow Malaysian at my blog. You are definitely lucky to avoid the Melissa Jung scam indeed. Just simply too many baiting and scammy hook involved in that one single page. Thank you again and it would be great if you can share with your friends as well.

  15. Well she certainly seems a nice enough lady working online with a lovely picture of her son…and then we find out she doesn’t exist!
    I hope before long there are some regulations that come out regarding this type of thing – it’s near enough fraud at the end of the day! Great review once again 🙂

    • That’s the thing Chris, she seems like a nice lady earning good money online…. Turns out the lady never exist, the name was made up, and the photo is taken from a stock photo somewhere. In my opinion, this a blatant fraud in the broad daylight. Would be great if there are some regulations to control this. Nevertheless, it is not an easy feat as the online world is pretty much like a wild wild west. Unregulated, full of criminals, but a few gems still exist. One of the best there is and I highly recommend is none other than Wealthy Affiliate.

  16. Hi there! I really got caught when I saw your site. Rat race buster? cool name! I wasn’t able to recognize what it is until I read your post about Melissa Jung Scam. There are plenty of scams out there and having sites like this that posts the truth is truly helpful. By the way,How did you know that it is a scam? Did the authorities caught her already? I mean scam is a crime right?

    • Hi John, thanks for visiting my site 🙂 How do I know it is a scam? Well, I was a victim before this 🙂 I have revealed in detail their modus operandi in one of the scam that I have made in my other scam review HERE. You are more than welcome to read the whole story. This type of scam is not easy to get caught by the authority John. They keep on changing their website and their business address and website, are usually a suspect. And sometimes, they may hide under a “legitimate” business operation which is not easy for ny authority to simply charge them. By the way, scams are everyway and in online business world, it is certainly overwhelming for any kind of authority to control. I am here just to do my part to cntribute and expose these type of scams based on my experience.

  17. Hi there, Well this is a new one to me. I have seen a few and also been victim to empty promises of earning A LOT of money online. All of which ended up in me losing out. Every one needs to be aware of the scams out there and really do some research before joining any program. I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate.



  18. Wow! I am sorry for you that you were scammed by that website. I love the internet but unfortunately you really can never know who is on the other side of the screen. I am glad that you found your way to Wealthy Affiliate though because the community and support system is top-notch! I love your website concept of “getting out of the rat race” and I hope you succeed at it if you haven’t already =)

    Thanks for sharing this valuable info so that others may avoid getting sucked into something like that!

    • Hi Jess, no need to feel sorry for me. I have long moved on 🙂 I appreciate your comment though.

      I hope my blog here can help other people from getting into the same trap as I am.

      Wealthy Affiliate has definitely changed my life for the better, and as you’ve said, the community is really supportive.

  19. Bad news that you have been scammed and good news that you finally found a legit program like Wealthy Affiliate. I examined a couple link posting scams, some of which use the same made up person by name of Melissa and it looks like Melissa Jung is about the same link posting opportunity. Many of these so called opportunities, actually websites have been taken down by the owners of these programs due to many scams and I’m sure this one, Melissa Jung will be closed down soon too.

    • Hi there Rufat, nice to see you here. Yeah, I am pretty sure that this Melissa character will eventually be closed down. However, scammers can always change to another dubious character without any remorse at all. Therefore, it is important for us to always remain vigilant of such claims & characters online, especially if you don’t know them quite well.

  20. Hi:

    I have not heard of this Melissa Jung scam, but thank you for posting this warning against them. It is sad that someone (whoever is behind it) is using a friendly face to attract their victims. You mentioned in your article you were scammed by them in 2014 right? How did you get suckered in? And what was your first clue that this was not a legitimate opportunity?

    And interesting that there is Melissa Jung for the Asian victims and a Melissa Johnson for the Caucasian victims. That is so sad and I hope whoever is behind these scams are finally caught and brought to justice. And who is Dlansing? You mentioned that name as the owner?

    I like your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. That is probably one of the few programs out there that is completely legitimate.

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for dropping by.

      Well, I heard, read, and got scammed by this Melissa Jung Character when I was looking for an online opportunity to make money. The promise of making good money online by this scam was really attractive that I let my greed to be suckered insigh…. Anyway, I realized that that the program was a scam when they keep on pressing me on their upsell when I have already spent so much and seen very little results.

      Luckily, despite the fact that I was scammed big time by them, I still believe that there must be some legitimate program out there. And true, soon enough I found Wealthy Affiliate while looking at a review on an IM program.

      Until now, I still count my blessing to have found WA and its excellent courses, and especially the very supportive community.

  21. Melissa Jung is all over the internet. I do recognize Melissa Johnson because I was scammed by the same product creator. I cannot remember what the name of the product was, but is a product related to affiliate marketing.

    Why can’t people just promote something legit for a change that can actually help people? This really bugs me.

    • Hi Viljoen, yup, Melissa Jung is indeed all over the internet. The funny thing is, it is all fake and made up. Melissa Jung never existed, only the scam scheme behind it. I was scammed by a scam using the Melissa Johnson character, and I was so naive at the time. Well, things happen and I learned from the experience.

      By the way, scam will always exist in the onlline world, as long as there are still people who are naive and too gullible for a quick buck, which of course never happens. I take it as duty to expose scam whenever I can 🙂

  22. Dlansing, thanks for putting this up. There are countless scam sites out there just trying to bait people but worse some of the get-rich-on-the-Internet-fast schemes with real people behind them are even worse. I am talking about the $2000 online workshops to show you how to become a Facebook celebrity and cash in fast. A lot of this content is shallow and NEVER worth its money! It is totally unethical to lead people down this path and charge them this amount of money. Yes they provide knowledge, but anybody with some patience and research skills could have fond this information for free. Marketing is a skill, and like any skill it needs to be studies and applied constantly. There is not quick way to make a good living without proper preparation and hard work…. so folks get to it….Adam

    • Hi Al, thanks for your comment and opinion as well. There are certainly countless of scam all over the internet world and we need to be on our toes always. Today, my colleague was laughing hysterically when she received a Facebook message wanting to give her $2000 for free. All she needs to do is to give her email, phone number and full name. Wow, what a blatant and transparent con job in broad daylight lol! Obviously, she didn’t fall for it, but I wonder if anyone actually did fall for that. Somebody who too naive, desperate, and overcome by greed just might be. Such a sad truth, but it does happens.

      Anyway, earning legitimate money online is definitely possible, but not without hard work and dedication. In honesty, after spending a lot of time research, the best place to learn online marketing is still Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

  23. Wow, this is a great review of the Melissa Jung Scam.

    It seems that the best reviews come from personal experience. And while I feel bad that you got stung by this Melissa Jung Scam, I’m glad to see you getting the word out so that others can benefit from your insight.

    I also like that you give your readers and excellent alternative to those that want o make money online. I used Wealthy Affiliate to start my online business and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


    • Hi Todd, thanks for your comment here. Yeah, until I can’t really believe that I was scammed really bad because of a fictional character. At that time, I thought it was real… Sigh… How naive I was at that time. Therefore, I really hope that my honest review here will help to steer away from being scammed or tricked by this type of con job.

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