How Do I Create My Own Website Free

In today’s wired and interconnected online world, it seems that everyone these days have their own website or blog.

However, there are some people who are still people who are still looking how to build their own website for free or at no cost at all.

If the person is you, well consider this your lucky day.

Introducing WordPress Express by Site Rubix

Introducing Site Rubix

Site Rubix is a state of the art website platform that based and structured itself from WordPress.

In case you don’t know, WordPress is one of the biggest website platforms in the world and was used by more than 23.3 percent of the top 10 million website.

And today, WordPress is already the most popular blogging system in the online world, in which it is estimated that more than 60 million websites are using their platform!

Why Site Rubix?

You may be wondering that you might as well be using WordPress directly instead of using through Site Rubix.

Well, look at the list below and you will see the advantages of utilizing the Site Rubix version of the WordPress platform.

Site Rubix Premium Features

Site Rubix offers a lot of industry leading features for websites. There are

  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting you can have
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Fully managed
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health Analyzing
  • Website auto login

So is Site Rubix Really Free?

Yes, Site Rubix is free and you don’t just get one, but TWO FREE Websites for you to do anything with it.

What’s more, you can actually learn how to monetize your free website with the right training.

How To Get Your Hands On It

You can try out the free website by setting up a website using the Site Rubix plugin below.

Go ahead and try it yourself. If you can create your own website today, what would you call it? Type it into the window below and see if the name is available or not.


If the website name is available, you will be forwarded to the Site Rubix homepage.

SiteRubix HomePage


Site Rubix has thousands of beautiful themes that you can choose from. Whether you want your website to look professional, or colorful, or even playful, anything is possible with their platform.

SiteRubix Many WordPress Theme

Many WordPress themes that you can choose from

Don’t Just Create A Website – Learn How To Make Money Online With It

Now that you know how to create your website for free using a superb website platform called Site Rubix, why not learn how to monetize and earn income online through your website.

I have a few websites that I have created using the Site Rubix platform and they are easily indexed and ranked by the big search engine such Google and Bing.

My websites have been receiving an increasing number of visitors and therefore help to make good money online for real.

Do you think I learned to create website and learn about making money online on my own?

No, of course I don’t. I learned it from somewhere.

Where Do I Learn To Make Money Online

Want to know where I have learned to be successful in online marketing and earn income online?

Well, I learn all the skills and knowledge that I needed to be a good online marketer at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Anyway?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA in short) is a training community where you can learn how to start your own website or business online.

WA goes beyond just a training ebook or video, but they have a very lively and vibrant online community. There, you can get help, support and encouragement from WA members.

The online community has made WA such an empowering place to be as everybody would like to see your growth and success together.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides tools and facilities to help you succeed such as:

  • Free websites (2 for starter members)
  • Free hosting services (only for premium members)
  • Keyword tool (for finding great keywords)
  • Rapid writer (for you to track your keyword density)
  • Affiliate program (Online Income Opportunity)

Inside Wealthy Affiliate (WA), there are 4 main training sections:

  1. Certification Courses (5 levels with about 10 lessons each)
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp (7 levels with about 10 lessons each)
  3. Live Video Classes (conducted every Friday/Saturday live + recordings)
  4. Classrooms (broken down into different topics like SEO, PPC, WordPress)

All the training that I have listed above are video based for easy learning application supplemented with text instructions for your added understanding.

In addition to that, at the end of the lessons, you will be provided with a checklist of task for you to complete and take action.

The lessons here in WA are pretty much task based and focus on practicality and implementation. This is to ensure that you will be able to eventually make real money online.

I would recommend you to read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate HERE and why it is my No.1 Recommendation Training Program For Online Marketing.

RRB WA Promo Banner

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I decided to start my own online business so that I can escape the rat race that I am in. Things are really progressing well and it is just a matter of time before I can be finally free from my 9-5 job. With ratracebuster.com, I hope I can help other people to escape or avoid the rat race through learning the online business and other legitimate opportunity in the online world. I will be reviewing products, sharing discussions, and blog about my online business ventures as well.


  1. great post. I have been looking for ways to make money but there are so many scams online these days. I was also concerned about laying money out to get things up and running but it looks like through Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate I don’t need to worry about this. I had a look at their website, what happens after the Free 7 day trial?

    • Hi Brendan, I have to agree with you that there are so many scams online nowadays. My inbox has been filled with some scam email lately and I got to be extra careful on this.
      Site Rubix is a real state of the art website hosting service by Wealthy Affiliate. All the websites that I have hosted with Site Rubix has hardly any glitches at all.
      For the Free Day Trial by Wealthy Affiliate, after the trial finishes, you can still continue as a Free Starter member no problem. The 2 free websites by Site Rubix is yours and there are still many useful free training provided. The only thing missing is of course the fantastic Premium Member features.

      Hope this help Brendan.


  2. Hey, thanks a lot for this. I’ve recently been dipping my toes in the waters with online businesses, but I have absolutely no experiences with making websites and stuff like that.The Wealthy affiliate thing sounds good. You say it’s a vibrant community. What do you mean by that? Are there always mods online or something to help?

    • Hi Matt, I would recommend you to try the Free Starter Program from Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and experience the program yourself. WA teaches you how to choose the right online business for you, building a quality website, produce quality contents, promote your products online, and many more.

      WA community is like no other. It is very rare to see other online community or forums that is as supportive as them. If you have any question at all, you just put it out there and someone or few people will definitely try to help you out. Then again, you have to experience it yourself, rather than me simply saying it here 🙂

  3. I really like your title, it’s very catchy. I also agree with the use of Site Rubix for the two free sites I just started wealthy affiliate last month but so far everything has been going great. They offer wonderful starter programs and I really hope that you’re able to get out of the rat race and continue with your online business.

    • My title is catchy? Well, thank you very much Amanda lol!

      By the way, all my main website are using the Site Rubix platform for hosting. And so far, hardly any problem at all. With the right knowledge and technique, website hosted with them is easily rank in the search engine and most importantly very secure.

      The Free Starter Program by Wealthy Affiliate is I believe the best and most comprehensive anywhere in the online world. About the rat race, I guess I’m already half way out of it already 🙂

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