Covert Shirt Store Theme Review – Not The Best Platform To Sell T-Shirts

Name: Covert Shirt Store ThemeCovert Shirt Store Theme Review

Company: IM Wealth Builders

Price: USD $47

Upsell for a T-shirt creator software

Owners: Soren Jordansen & John Merrick

Overall Rank: 2 Stars out of 5


Covert Shirt Store Theme Overview

Online T-Shirt Business has been booming for the last couple of years, especially when a company such as Teespring blazes the trail by creating unique and time limited special edition shirts utilizing the social media platform primarily Facebook.

The Covert Shirt Store was created by IM Wealth Builders to cash in on this craze.

What Is It?

Covert Store Shirt Theme is basically a WordPress Theme where you can easily set-up an affiliate store for T-shirts and “potentially earn income selling T-shirt online.

Is it really that easy to set-up and most importantly, can it really make money?

We will look into this further.

PROS & CONS of Covert Shirt Store Theme


  • You can promote and sell products from various T-shirt affiliate stores such as Teespring and Amazon
  • Price for the theme is fairly reasonable and it has a 45 days money back guarantee
  • 10 Steps Instruction Guide available for easy setting-up
  • Readily integrated with social media networks


  • Some great functions are not available that can be usually found other more well-known and established WordPress themes such as Yootheme, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Elegant and Estore.
  • Pulling information directly from main affiliate will affect your search engine ranking greatly due to duplicate content.
  • Amazon will warn and can easily bar your website for not being unique

Who is Covert Shirt Store Theme For?

For those who are interested in making money by selling t shirts online without the need to design their own shirts.

Covert Shirt Store Theme Tools & Training

  1. Step by Step Guide

       2. Easy Wizard Set-Up

Covert Shirt Store Easy Wizard

       3. Video tutorial on how to select and configure each setting.

Covert Shirt Store Watch Tutorial

What’s The Price

The price for Covert Shirt Store Theme is USD $47.

There is an upsell for T-shirt creator software if you are interested to upgrade.

Covert Shirt Store Theme Is A Good Theme But…  

Now I know some of you may ask…

Can You Really Make Money Selling T Shirts Online?  

To answer you, the answer is an emphatic YES. Otherwise, online t shirt companies such as Teespring, SKREENED, TEE ZILY would not have existed. As a matter fact, they make millions every year!

Company Selling Tshirts

The right question is, can you make good money selling T Shirts with Covert Shirt Store (CSS)?

That really depends on what you know and your level of knowledge on how to do a proper online marketing campaign.

If you are a beginner and just trying to get your feet wet with online marketing, then the tools and training provided at CSS may not be good enough for you to succeed.

I will explain more below.

Duplicating Content Is Bad For Your Website Ranking

This theme can extract any promotion and information from your T-shirt affiliate stores of own choosing which is great.

The not so good thing is that you will unintentionally copy the original content and information from them, rendering your website content to be not unique or even downright duplicate..

This will have negative repercussions on your website’s organic ranking in the search engine.  

So if you are on a limited budget and wish to rely heavily on organic ranking, I’m not too sure that this theme is the best platform for you.

If you have the budget and necessary skill to do online paid advertising, this may not be too much of a concern to you. Unless it is an Amazon product…

You Can Get Into Trouble With Amazon!

Check out this complaint that I saw online about Covert Shirt Store Theme.

Covert Shirt Store Problem With Amazon1

The lady above follows everything the tutorial taught her and what did she get for it? A surprising message from Amazon that they have to close her account for not being unique…

Wow, what a shocker! What does Amazon mean by her site not being unique?

What Amazon was trying to say is that please do not copy their content exactly. You are expected to create your own promotion, or review using your own words and creativity.

Demo Website Is Pretty – But Offer Very Little Value

If I look at the demo website by Covert Shirt Store, in my opinion the website looks like it is only interested in selling T-shirt to me without providing any other value.

Shirt Geek Demo Website

What do I mean by value?

Well, for example, I would like to know which is the best selling t shirt and why is it so. What makes the shirt so popular. Can I still buy it or it is only a limited edition. What else similar shirt that you can offer to me? This is what I call value. I would like all the information pertaining my favorite t shirt and why I should really purchase it.

The more value that I can get from a particular website, the more chances that I will come back to the same website again and buy their products.

How To Improve Your Chances of Sales – If You Already Purchased Covert Shirt Store

Now some of you who are reading my post here, may have already purchased this theme and are looking for ways on how to improve your T-shirt sales (if any).

As you can see from above examples, simply pulling out information and promotion directly from your affiliate program simply wouldn’t cut it as you will go nowhere.

Here are some tips that can hopefully help your covert store to be more prominent and hopefully profitable:

  1. Write the product descriptions with your own words. Simply copy the same descriptions from your main affiliate sites will be detrimental to your organic ranking.
  2. Open a blog or review page section on your website. Start writing a compelling article or product review on your favorite T-shirts. Don’t forget to include an affiliate link at the end of your post or review. You will have a higher chance of making sales with your compelling and better still, honest review.
  3. Promote your post or review extensively in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. The more people are interested in your post, the more positive signal it provides for the search engine through backlinks signal by your favorite social media platform. The best form of signals is shared post, followed by comments, and “likes”.
  4. Go niche. I would advise you to not sell every kind of T-shirt available. Concentrate only on a few niche t shirt market, specialized on it and go all out. I can assure you that you will see more success that way. I give you an example. Maybe you are a fan of Star Wars, so concentrate on promoting the best and most unique Star Wars shirt that you can find. There are millions of Star Wars fan and you can seize that opportunity. Don’t be lazy, follow their forums, Facebook group or whatever.

Final Thoughts on Covert Shirt Store Theme

Covert Shirt Store Theme is a good platform for selling T-shirts online, but there are still too many things that are lacking.

I see many hopeful beginners trying out this theme, but came out disappointed because they were hoping this theme to be automated and they don’t need to do anything more to make it profitable.

Sadly, that is the wrong approach, but this was not properly address by the creators of this theme.

More than anything, the creators at IM Wealth Builders probably are just interested to sell this theme and make good money for themselves rather than truly want to help their customer succeed.

Covert Shirt Store Theme in A Glance

Name: Covert Shirt Store Theme

Company: IM Wealth Builders

Price: USD $47

Upsell for a T-shirt creator software

Owners: Soren Jordansen & John Merrick

Overall Rank: 2 Stars out of 5 

Thumbs Down Red

So What Now? – My Recommendation Is To Learn Online Marketing The Right Way

So there you have it, my honest review on Covert Shirt Store Theme.

I’m not saying that it is not good, but it is not the best platform to earn income online, especially for beginners who are just learning the ropes.

I recommend that you learn online marketing the proper way from the start.

The very basic steps in online marketing are:

  • First and foremost, find a profitable niche market that you have an interest in.  
  • Secondly, learn how to build a nice and easily ranked website. It is not hard and as a matter fact, it can be done in less than a minute.  
  • Thirdly, learn to produce quality content for your website, whether in written form, videos, infographics or whatever. Search engines such as Google loves quality content, and this will help greatly in bringing visitors (traffics) to your website.
  • Fourthly, learn how to effectively convert your traffic to sales.

Does this sounds daunting to you? Please don’t feel that way. I was a total beginner just over a year ago, but now I have managed to learn and apply all the above quite effectively to bring me income online on a regular basis.

Where do I learn all that?

I gained all my online marketing skills and techniques from Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate below to find out why they are my No.1 Online Training Program To Learn How To Make Money Online.  

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is My No.1 Recommendation To Learn Online Marketing The Right Way


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I decided to start my own online business so that I can escape the rat race that I am in. Things are really progressing well and it is just a matter of time before I can be finally free from my 9-5 job. With ratracebuster.com, I hope I can help other people to escape or avoid the rat race through learning the online business and other legitimate opportunity in the online world. I will be reviewing products, sharing discussions, and blog about my online business ventures as well.


  1. Hi Dominic

    Hope all is well

    Awesome Product Review

    i am in the printing industry and i have looked at some option in the printing on T-Shirts side.. i normally would have bought into this asap for i love automation .. and the fact that i have a habit of just throwing money after things that do not fit the hype…

    When you spoke about the copy paste..it reminded me about my early days..i loved to do that..But i knew very little about internet marketing then..

    Luckily I have evolved and followed your advice and had a look at your No 1 referral option for Learning Online Marketing..

    Have a nice day

    from Jaco

    • Hi Jaco, it is a pleasant surprise to see somebody who is in the printing industry commenting on my review about the Covert Shirt Store review. I guess you know much more in this industry than me. As someone in the printing industry, I’m not too sure I can advise you much here. My only recommendation is that go and choose another platform to sell T-shirt instead of this one. If you have your own line of T-shirt design, you might as well open a website of your own and promote from there. If you’re using WordPress, Woocommerce would be very helpful plugin to you.

  2. Hello! I never new there is a specific theme to sell T-shirts. This is interesting. It means that there is also supposed to be one for selling dresses via affiliate links?
    I am asking because my niche is woman dresses. But this is not purely eCommerce store, some blog and articles are included as well.
    In any case it is nice to know about such a theme like Convert Shirt Store and will keep it in mind in case one day I decide to sell T-shirts.
    Thank you for a post!

    • Hi there, so you are in the women niche dresses right? Covert Shirt Store is something that you can consider but please do read my suggestion on how to be successful using their theme. At $47, if you are willing to try out and willing to pay that money, it is possible to succeed with this theme. In my opinion however, please scout around for other ways or platform to do niche before making any rash decision. Good luck!

  3. Nice article!

    The name “Covert T-Shirt Store” doesn’t even sound legitimate haha. I don’t know why they would purposefully make it sound like a scam, but it definitely does.

    I was disappointed to find out that lady got her site taken away after investing all that money. On one hand I can see Amazon’s perspective, but I do feel she was mislead by the Covert people.

    Did they encourage her in the tutorials to make her site stand out? WA is great about hammering that point home. Unique content, unique logo, etc.

    Anywho, great site here, it really is quite helpful.. Best wishes for the future as well..


    • Make sense indeed Stu. The word itself makes it sounds like a scam already lol!

      Anyway, it is sad that the lady has followed all the necessary tutorials, but still ended up being closed account with Amazon. Seems like she was being mislead by this program. That’s the main problem with Covert Shirt Store Theme. The way they promote the program is as if anybody can easily learn and make good money selling T-Shirt online when though there are some important things missing.

      So far as online marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate is great at teaching online marketers how to market and promote their products online. Thanks for the feedback Stu!

  4. Thanks so much for the tips you have given on your page about T-shirt selling techniques. I like the ideas of WordPress designing and link the t-shirt selling to Amazon, I design mostly T-shirt and sell them to the free markets people like but I guess I will take your ideas and try to sell online thorough it needs long to make direct money compared to the free market. Keep it up and congratulation for the nice page.

    • Hi Lucy, it is great to know that you design T-shirt and sell to people. I am happy that you get something out of my review here 🙂

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