Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) Review – 55 Points

Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) Review: Doesn’t Deliver Its Niche Promised

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Name: Super Affiliate Machine (SAM)
Price: $147 (Up to 3 Websites), $197 (Unlimited Websites)

Upsell: 30 Day Super Affiliate $67, SERP SUITE $1 for 5 days and then billed $39 Per Month
Owners/Creators: Austin E. Anthony, Taqi Askari

Austin E. Anthony

Austin E. Anthony

Spokesperson: Devin Zander
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100



Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) Overview

Super Affiliate Machine or SAM in short is basically a web based platform or software that attempts to automate the process of building niche websites and some aspects of SEO.

PRO & CONS of Super Affiliate Machine (SAM)


  • You can manage your WordPress site within the dashboard of SAM
  • The system works quite fast. Fast niche research tool.
  • Fast domain research tools which include ‘search engine ready” expired domains
  • Simple and fast website building tools
  • Decent google automation tool
  • Decent video tutorials for beginners


  • SAM claims you can build a website in 5 minutes, but that’s not exactly correct. I took much longer than that.
  • The tutorial video a bit too fast and made understanding more difficult.
  • Does not gives emphasis on building quality content, but instead emphasis more on building a lot of micro websites for profit.
  • Very shallow money making strategy and chances customer retention probably is next to zero.
SAM price

SAM price scheme

  • SAM Lite at $147 for only 3 WordPress sites is way overpriced
  • Gives too much credit on expired domains. May not be relevant to your niche and filled with a low quality backlink history and other unknown baggage.
  • Allowing spun content on a website. Can be penalized by Google for spun or recycle content.
  • Keyword quality suggestions are not that great. Sometimes does not make sense.
  • Building a website is easy today, but it is misleading and unethical to claim that online business success is easy when in reality it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Who is Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) for?

  • Newbie
  • Experienced internet marketers

Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) Tools & Training

SAM niche detox body

SAM Product Research Tool

Products Research Tool

  • This tool is to help to start a Niche Research for in a fast and easy way
  • Not enough information given to indicate that a selected keyword is much better than the rest



SAM Domain Research

SAM Domain Research Tool

Domains Research Tool

  • A tool to search for relevant domain names including expired domains with potential
  • Main website’s name registrar and hosting is but still can use others.




SAM Edit Website Page

Website Editor

Build Website Tool

  • Tool to build your website fast, simple and easy.
  • Too simple and limited capacity.



Google Automation Tool

SAM google automation

SAM Google Automation Page

A series of tips and tricks to automate and maximize your SEO tactics

  1. a) Backend Setup – Basically referred to Domain setup.
  2. b) Linking Juice Flow – Talking about the strategy of using Internal Linking and External   Linking
  3. c) Social Visibility – Elaborating about using social media helps to get more exposure to improve site’s search engine visibility.
  4. d) Video Creation Promotion – Tips on using video as a tool for promotion.
  5. e) Complete SEO Revealed – Showing and explaining how to connect your website, various. social media, citation ring and PBN (Private Blog Network) for optimul SEO results.
  6. f) Resources – Other available resources by SAM



Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) Support

Contact SAM Support

Contact SAM Support

  • Support is only through by messaging to their “Contact SAM Support”
  • Webinar available with the owner or trainer at a certain fixed time
  • No forum for members to discuss relevant topics and supporting each other
  • No live chat available







Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) Price

Price: $147 (Up to 3 Websites), $197 (Unlimited Websites)

Upsell: 30 Day Super Affiliate $67, SERP SUITE $1 for 5 days and then billed $39 Per Month





Further Thoughts on Super Affiliate Machine (SAM)

So what do I think of SAM overall? Here is what I think. First and foremost, SAM seems to be pretty well made. It is developed to allow you to make the niche affiliate websites without having to do a lot of work. It is probably an acceptable investment if one wants to build a niche site but does not have the time or technical knowledge to build sites the conventional way.

Does it deliver on its promised though? Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be. I tried out the trial 30 days SAM Lite version to test the SAM system myself.

SAM Lite access

SAM Lite access

The product research tools does do the research fast but the results that it comes up does not inspire much confidence in me. I mean, look at the research results below, what is that? Which keywords is supposed to be the most promising?

SAM not a winning keyword

Which one is supposed to be the winning keyword?


A quick research using my no.1 rated keyword research tools Jaaxy, shows a much different story.

Right off the bat, I can see what are the posts, topics, and things that people are really searching for in Google. SAM provided no such information.

Jaaxy vs SAM

QSR = Competition. Below 200 is good. Below 100 is great.


For domain research, SAM does make searching the domain easier. You still have to buy the domain name and I am pretty disappointed that no free hosting is provided as well. My no.1 rank site provides FREE WEBSITES and even FREE HOSTING as well.

The site builder for SAM is very basic and I am not sure you can build a sophisticated website in the long run on it. The features where you can spin a recycle article really disturbs me. It is a big no no and please never be too lazy to come with your own article. The least you can do is to outsource your article, but never copy or recycle an old article. Google hates spun content, and your website can easily go down the drain because of it.

SAM Regenerate Recycle Articles
The Google automation section is a bit misleading in my opinion. There is nothing automated about it. It is just a series of information, flow charts and tips on how to optimize SEO for your websites. This mean you still have to work on your SEO manually and from what I see, it is a lot of work, which is how things are supposed to be anyway.

SAM google automation2

Looks fancy but sorry, no automation folks!

My Final Thoughts on Super Affiliate Machine (SAM)

So after all this ranting, I conclude that SAM is not the best place to earn and grow a great income from online marketing. There is too much hyped about it and no latest updates that their current subscribers are actually making money from building many micro websites.

You can maybe build a website in 5 minutes, but so what? I would rather spend a week building a really good website and reap the results it gets. Why build a shabby website that would at best only give you short term gain when you can build a strong foundation that can last you 10 years?

Better Alternative?

Rather than take short sighted shortcuts, I highly recommend that you learn how niche website building really works. Find out about how to find good keywords, write quality content that sells, and get high Google rankings without using tricks and shoddy tactics.

Find out how to build a legitimate online business that can last for years. Like anything worthwhile in life, it takes time to learn and be really good at this.

Summarized Overview

Name: Super Affiliate Machine (SAM)

Owner: Austin E. Anthony
Price: $147 (Up to 3 Websites), $197 (Unlimited Websites)

Upsell: 30 Day Super Affiliate $67, SERP SUITE $1 for 5 days and then billed $39 Per Month
Owners: Austin E. Anthony
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100



Any experience with SAM?

What are your thoughts on automated website building tools/software such SAM?

In case you didn’t know yet, I learned to build this awesome site within a month from my no.1 rank affiliate marketing site Wealthy Affiliate. Check out my full review here.

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  1. I was thinking about joining this program but thankfully your honest review helped to not only avoid that but find a much better way. Thanks for the information :).

    • Hi Diondre, you are fortunate enough to not join the program. I did join to try out simply because they promise you can easily build many micro websites for profits. Turns out, while website can be built fast, the implementation and overall program was not as good as I expected. Still many glitches here and there. Not acceptable for me.


  2. The review is thorough and complete – you have done a great job in the comparitive study between super affiliate machine and wealthy affiliate. Keep up the good work,

  3. Seems like this site did not keep up with the times. From what you’re describing, his methods may have worked 5 years ago but they don’t jive with how search engines are ranking sites these days. Great review and great warning to potential investors!

    • Hi Don, I have a feeling that their method is somewhat obscure, dodgy, and not focus on quality content at all. That is a big red flag for me for sure. With their methods, it is just a matter of time before Google shut down websites with such practice.


  4. That’s interesting, I’ve never heard of SAM before. But after reading your article I’m kind of glad I didn’t until now! It seems interesting but nowhere near WA. Thanks for the great article!

    • You’re right Matt. Sounds interesting but meh…. once you tried it out… was really disappointing really… nowhere near as good as Wealthy Affilliate (WA). For me, WA is truly the industry gold standard in online internet markerting training, 5 Stars!

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