Google Android Email Scam Review – It’s Bogus!

Hi guys, I would like to share on a recent email scam or phishing sent to me by a so called Google Android, but in fact the email was sent by a dubious email

This email was supposed to be a surprise Easter prize for me. It caught me by surprise, but of course the scam was simply too obvious.

You can see the email scam from “Google Android” below.

Google Android Email Scam

The email I received – What a scam or rather phishing to be exact


If the wordings are a bit too small for you, essentially it says that I “won” GBP 500,00.00 for their “Android Easter Cash Splash Promo”. How convincing….

Of course, there is a caveat here.

In order for me to collect my “winning prize”, I need to contact them on this particular Skype number.

Fake Google Android Scam

Right… are they not supposed to know my contact details if I enrolled in their contest promo?

What’s more, I am also expected to provide my

  1. Full Name
  2. Residential Address
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Ticket Number
Fake Google Android Scam Phishing Attempt

You want all this information from me? No Way Jose!

How convenient for them to expect me to provide all these private information to them.

Well, of course it would be  a No Way Jose!

Sadly enough, there will probably be a little naive and gullible individuals that may succumb to such ploy.

I would not be too surprised if that happens because there are a few elements in that email that may make people thought that the email is a legitimate.

So what are the elements:

  1. Using the Google Android header and symbol
  • Google Android is a big app center from Google
  • Bring a sense of fake “credibility”

Using a fake google android symbol


  1. Boldly using/faking a real prominent figure in Google itself
  • They have the audacity to use the name of Patrick Pichette, a real life Google CFO who is about to retire.

Fake Google Android Scam using a real Google name


Fake Patrick Pichette on Google Android Scam

I wonder how the real Patrick Pichette feels about his name being used for scam purposes

How Scammer Get Your & My Email

Basically, there are fours ways how the spam/scam senders get our email:

  1. By illegally buying the list of emails from real people like you and me
  2. Tech savvy & programming experts use and utilize a “harvesting” programs that rummage through the Internet, and copy any text that contains the character “@”.
  3. Use the complicated and strong programs like hackers
  4. When you unintentionally sign-up or, subscribe your email address to a dishonest online service

There are other similar lottery scam before this with that such as

  • Google Award 2014 Promotion
  • Google 2015 Anniversary Award

Probably a similar promotion strikes will again.

Therefore, be on alert always.

Steps To Avoid Email Scam

So what can you do to avoid this type of email scam?

There are a number of ways that you can do to avoid or hide yourself from spammers.

  1. Your private email address can be disguised using obfuscation.
  2. Utilize a disposable email address
  3. Email address encoding tool can be used when publishing your email address on your site or blog
  4. If you see a newsletter that you are not familiar with, simply delete the email. Do not confirm an “unsubscribe” request from that particular newsletter.

Signs of Email Scam

There are a number of ways to identify if an email is a scam/phishing.

Use Your Common Sense

The easiest way would be to simply use your common sense.

What I mean by that is that if you think it is too good to be true, it probably is.

For example, if an email comes to you and said you just won a million dollars or whatever the huge sum number is, instead of being excited and been taken over by greed, just stop and think for a few seconds.

Fake Google Android Scam Review - huge sumIsn’t it fishy that you have been emailed that you won something that you never apply or know of?

Scam alert my friend!

Asking For Your Full Details

Another typical sign of a scam or phishing in email is to ask for your full details.

Typically they will ask for your:

– Full Name

– ID number

– Phone numbers

– Address

– Bank Account Number!

– Credit card details!

Never ever give your sensitive details to anyone through email or internet in general.

They can easily use your general details and use it for their gain, but can cause a huge problem for you as it is under your name.

Giving away your bank account details and credit card information is an absolute no no, as it can lead you to a  major financial repercussions!

Asking For Money

If an email comes to you and ask for money, be very careful.

Sometimes it doesn’t look too obvious.

It starts with a prince with a huge inheritance is having trouble in another country. He need you to help him to give $10,000.00 so that he can escape and return you the favor by giving you 1 million as a sign of thanks.

Another example a friend of yours has lost a suitcase full of cash and need your help to transfer cash. “Favor” will be returned in exchanged.

There are so many variations and other creative ways out there.

Just remember, never believe and gives out your money just like that on the internet for something that is too good to be true.

Requesting You To Open An Attachment Or Link

If the email is just a line that as you to open an attachment, do not open it especially if it ends with .pif or .scr

Same also goes to a link.

What I have written here so far, are based on my own personal experience.

If you want to read further on this subject, you can read more ways and tips on email scam/phishing on wikihow here.

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  1. My first e-mail address which is almost 10 years receives these kinds of e-mails. I hope to continue using it but sadly, there’s just too many that’s coming in my inbox everyday. I can’t even track the important messages anymore and like you said, there maybe malicious files attached. I don’t know what .pif or.scr file extension is but thank you for informing to avoid these kinds of files in these tricky e-mails.

    • Hi Chris, yeah I can understand you there. Some of the older emails are not well equip with combating all these spams, especially the scam ones. It is unfortunate but we have to move on with new and better email that can help protect ourselves. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t be giving away our email address to easily especially to an unknown people and websites. Stay safe Chris.

  2. Hi Dlansing – thanks for sharing this one! It gets tricky when the scammers use something like Google Android! Knowing that many of us might use that on our phones! If anything comes my way and says I won the lottery – I simply delete it straight away. I don’t click on any links or attachments. Thanks for sharing it’s good to know whats happening to other people so we can all be aware!

    • That is certainly the best way to deal with this kind email scam Marcella. No need to get curious and risking yourself by clicking the link out of the need to know. I believe that most people are very much aware and cautious but there a few certain others who may not be as cautious as they should be. Thanks for dropping by Marcella!

  3. I don’t like people or sites who deceive other people using this scam sites. Im glad sites like yours offer reviews and warnings like this so that other people will not become a victim. It is really important to first research some reviews or a program or product before buying, joining, or subscribing so that we will not be victims.

    • Same here Keye, I despise so much people or sites that only knows how to scam innocent people. I am glad that my site get your approval and support to expose those scammers. I do hope that people will do their due diligence and research first before buying, or subscribing into something, lest we become victim ourselves.

  4. Well these guys will well and truly try anything to catch you out – I cannot believe they’ve used the name of a top dog like that ( talk about a court case looming! )
    Makes you wonder how many poor people actually fall for this though – must be heartbreaking

    • Hi Chris, oh yes you’re definitely right about that one. I can’t believe too that they have the nerve to use the name of a top dog on the online world. I’m not sure if Google can easily find them, and even they do, they may not be able to take action in time. All these fake emails are so easy to create and if anything happens, they can just leave or delete that email and create a new one. The best way is still to be aware and educated on the many scams around I believe.

  5. I get tons of these emails everyday, often by the same company under a different heading. Often they come with a video that says this is a one time offer. Then a few days later I get the same offer. It’s just high pressure sales to get people to spend money before they have time to do research on the product. I can see these scams coming a mile away by now.
    I WILL put in my name and email but nothing more to see how far I can go before I have to put in money. I want to see if I can get a free look around inside. I WILL NOT give them anymore personal details. Then I do my research and when I find out they are a scam I expose them for what they are. Every once in a while I find a legitimate product and write a positive review on it to show that there is a very legitimate side of the industry. So far I have not seen anything as robust and complete as Wealthy Affiliate but I will keep looking. Than you for steering me away from this product.

    • You are certainly right Kirk. For those of us who are quite experienced, it is really easy to see a scam from miles away. It was indeed a high pressure style of scam and I was at the brunt of it when I was too greedy and eager last time. Now I have learned from my mistake and become a better person because of that experience. This blog that I created is my way of giving back and exposing some of the scams that I encountered online.

  6. Dominic,

    I really must wonder how people sleep at night and make their living off of scamming others. I hope some of those people who are a bit naive come across your article first so that they save themselves a lot of trouble.

    You’re doing a great thing here. Keep up the good work and keep informing people about the woes of these senseless and reckless scams.

    Thank you again, much appreciated.


    • Thanks Bryan, I am just doing my part over here. I would love to do more to expose this kind of scam, but alas, time does not favor me. I usually do scam alert that somehow infiltrates into my emails. I hated that, and I usually react by doing more investigation and report my findings on my blog 🙂

  7. There is no end the lengths some people will go to in order to steal your hard earned money. Never heard of this particular scam before (thanks for the heads up) but they are all basically the same, praying on peoples gulibility and their want, or need, whatever the case may be. Gmail seems pretty good at filtering out most of the spam and junk thats out there. I like your tip on a disposable email; it seems like once they get a hold of it, the best thing to do is shut it down and go to another one. Thanks again for the warning and the tips !

    • Not a problem Michael, thanks for your comment. You know, I still get this type of scam every now and then. They just never stop it seems. We just got to be extra careful in this online world my freind.

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