Covert Store Builder Review – No Spewing Cash for You!

Name: Covert Store BuilderCSB logo

Company: IM Wealth Builders

Price: USD $47

Owners: Soren Jordansen, Jordan Merrick, & Cindy Battye

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Covert Store Builder Overview

I was having an idea to open up an online store on a certain particular niche market and decided to search around if I can find any WordPress theme that can help me to set up my online store fast and easy.

And that was where I found about Covert Store Builder (CSB). It sounded really good and I almost purchased CSB.

Luckily, I did more research and dig a little bit deeper. 

Turns out this theme has a lot of problem and glitches. 

So I did not purchase their product in the end.

I will share you why in this Covert Store Review of mine.

PROS & CONS of Covert Store Builder


  • Helps you to build an online store fast and easy on wordpress.
  • Helps you to build a website that looks professional and clean looking.
  • Directly link you to Amazon, therefore products are very easy to put up and promote.
  • Automatically integrated with social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Can help with promotions and traffic building.
  • Offer money back guarantee


  • The prices at Amazon is not updated automatically at Covert Store Builder (CBS)
  • Prices difference between your website and Amazon would not create much trust with your potential customers
  • Content is pulled directly from Amazon and therefore essentially a duplicate content from Amazon. This would not result in good ranking in Google (link).
  • Duplicate link also would result in poor customer experience because you do not have your own original content or writing. In that case, the customer may decide to go straight to Amazon rather than go to your “unoriginal site”.

Who is Covert Store Builder For?

Covert Store Builder is meant for internet marketers who are looking to set-up and online store quick and easy. 

It is supposed to be easily done even for beginners, but it was not the case and I will share with you why shortly.

Covert Store Builder Tools & Training

CSB tutorials 

  • Step by Step by Set-up guide in pdf form
  • Video tutorials provided on how to install the theme and some technical stuff on how to run the Covert Store Builder effectively
  • Easy to follow Help File – Containing descriptions and explanations of the settings and functions in the Covert Store Builder theme.

Covert Store Builder Price 

The price for  CSB is USD $47.00

The Problem with Covert Store Builder 

I have to admit that the Covert Store Builder (CSB) looks very impressive and they made it look so easy. So impressive that I was really close to fork my hard earned money on this theme.

Luckily, I decided to check further on other people experience and I am really glad that I did that.

Making Big Promises without Showing Much Real Life Example

Covert Store Builder Tools & Training

That is one big statement from CSB, but does it really work that way?

Despite the many bold statement by CBS, I did not see any real-life website example from CSB.

I mean, if the theme is so good, why can’t they give us one or two websites of theirs that are using the theme and are doing well.

The only thing they have is just the demo website which is just that, a demo.

A demo website is not good enough!

CSB demo website

Although the demo website looks good, I did not see any engagement or whatsoever that indicates that this website receives lots of visitors and are very profitable.

How do I know? Well easy, I just need to type  bobskitchensupplies in Google, and this comes up. 

CSB Google Results

I mean, if the demo website is a real functioning and profitable website, their website should be easily found in Google when I type in the exact keyword.

This clearly shows that the demo website is not meant for real e-commerce, but rather for demonstration purpose only. 

I would like to see other real functioning and profitable website that really exists using the Covert Store Builder theme.

The fact that, they were unable to show any true website example or testimonials really concerns me. 

This is unlike my no.1 rated program  where there are many success stories and also many very successful websites shared by the blog owners themselves.

Previous Buyers Encounter Too Many Problems & Glitches

When I made my search for Covert Store Builder (CSB), at first it looks as though there quite a number of “glowing” reviews and recommendations on CSB.

I suspected that those websites and comments in some few forums, were merely affiliates promoting CSB, and I doubt that they have ever used it themselves.

So I dig deeper, and here what I found. Some of the complaints that I have covered are as below,

Complaint 1

Covert Store Builder Demo Website

Demo Website by Covert Store Builder

Complaint 2

 CSB Overpromised4.png.objects

Complaint 3

CSB Overpromised5 

There are a few more, but I think you get it already.

With that many complaints, I don’t think I will order Covert Store Builder anytime soon.

Inaccurate Pricing 

Customers or buyers usually are looking for good value or bargain when searching for things to buy online.

Therefore, they are usually price sensitive.

The Covert Store Builder (CSB) has a big flaw over here whereby the prices shown on the website are not the same like the one stated in Amazon.

CSB product price1                                   CSB product price2 Amazon.png.objects

As you can see above, the price is a bit different on the demo website when comparing the same product on Amazon which is more expensive.

In some cases, product shown at Amazon can be way more expensive and your potential customer can easily be put-off by this.

My Final Thoughts

Covert Store Builder (CSB) from the outside looks very promising and enticing.

The way they promote CSB on their website is so good and believable that I almost about to purchase.

Luckily, it was easy for me to search for other people’s feedbacks and comments on CSB theme because it has been around since 2013.

The fact that it is still around until today, probably shows that the owner of the theme, IM Wealth Builders is still milking the profits despite the less than satisfactory theme.

If you are still reading my review up until now, you probably know what I would say.

I would definitely not recommend you to take this product.

There are just too many problems and issues from these plugins and therefore it is not worth the price you are paying for. 

Other Alternative

There are other much better alternatives out there, but the price may vary.

Here are some alternative you can consider:

  1. woocommerce (free wordpress plug-in)
  2. Shopify
  3. Bigcommerce
  4. Wix
  5. Weebly
  6. Squarespace

Covert Store Builder at a Glance

Name: Covert Store Builder 

Company: IM Wealth Builders

Price: USD $47

Owners: Soren Jordansen, Jordan Merrick, & Cindy Battye 

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100 

VERDICT: Borderline SCAM!

Scam symbol

Learn to how build to online business the right way here or click on the image below

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Any experience with Covert Store Builder (CSB)?

What are your thoughts on automated e-commerce such as Covert Store Builder?

Just drop a comment below as I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I purchased CSB a few months ago. I also built a Kitchen gadets store just to make sure it turned out like the example in the video. ( ) I was pretty impressed and I had little trouble following the video and written instructions to build the site. Instructions are pretty good. I do have a problem exchanging with Commission Junction, but Amazon and Ebay fill pages fine. I do intend on building another site/niche as I can build as many as I want for the one prices of $47. It’s best to get the upsell of the Covert Store content also. Support was good if I had questions. The secret to these quick build sites is the same as any site, getting traffic. No traffic, no sales.

    • Hi Bill, I am happy to know that somebody actually used CSB and it works well for you. I am still not too convinced though as I need more feedback about CSB that it can work well. So far, the negative complaints still outweight the positive ones. The fact that I need to get the upsell on top of the standard price of $47, doesn’t bode well with me too. I will stick with woocommerce or Shopify for the time being. Anyhow, thank you very much for your feedback on CSB, Bill 🙂

  2. Hi Dominic – great review of Covert Store Builder. I have never used this program and never will. The only reason for this Wealthy Affiliate. Your review was very thorough although the first comment is kind of opposite to your research.
    All internet scams should be exposed. it would make our job much easier.

    • Hi Mark, to be honest, Bill’s comment was the first positive comment on CSB that I’ve seen so far. One positive feedback doesn’t mean much to me when the negative feedback is way more. CSB looks good but hardly unique enough to stand out from the crowd. I’m not about to spend $47 of my hard earned money on something like CSB when there are other better and proven platform available around.

  3. When it comes to shopping themes like this it has got to work optimally by updating the prices over at Amazon. That and the fact that the content is basically copy/pasted over to the site means that your rankings will be much lower as well.

    Thanks for the review, been doing some research and I now know not to dive into this product.

    Cheers! 🙂

    • Thank Colton! Yeah, it bothers me that the pricing is not immediately updated with Amazon. Chances are customer can feel cheated and not come back to your online store. Worse still, if they decide to bad mouth about your “site”. This is not good at all.

  4. Very detailed review. I have not used CSB, but this article certainly helped me and other reader not falling into another scam. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Demi. I hope my review can help people to make an informed decision before they decide to try out CSB 🙂

  5. I think you pointed out some serious problems within your Covert Store Builder Review. Ranking would be nearly impossible as you make note that all of the content would be duplicate. This would mean you would need to drive traffic mainly by social media and or pay per click. The pay per click route could be costly. But organic traffic would be virtually non-existent. At least that is what I would think. They are also possibly relying on the cookie when the potential buyer logs in.
    Just my thoughts, what do you think?

    • Hi Marc, thanks for pointing out some more of the problems with the Covert Store Builder. You are right, the way CSB is instructed, there is so little chance that you will be getting any organic traffic at all. This is such a pity since organic traffic is free and you can really be an authority in that particular niche doing the right way. It may take some time, but once you have the rankings, it is not too hard to maintain that ranking. Nevertheless, like you have pointed out, there are ways on how to get traffic to your site. However, to lose out on organic rankings, is still a really big opportunity lost in my opinion.

  6. Covert Store Builder is definitely not a good program to get into. I personally think that people should avoid this type of opportunity in setting up their website. As you mentioned, duplicate content will adversly impact ranking. I would rather choose something that have proper approach toward building online business.

    • That’s right Edy. Duplicate content is a killer if you intend on getting favourable ranking in Google. The best way is to write original content by yourself. There are some more things to do, but all that is available in the Wealthy Affiliate training module.

  7. I am about like you. Before I make a purchase on anything, I’ll do an extensive review on that product. After my review, then I’ll decide to make my purchase.

    I had never heard of this product prior to reading your review but I appreciate the attention to detail you placed in your review.

    I think we have a good system within Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress.

    Keep the good reviews coming!

    • Hi Joshua, I’m glad to know that both of us are thinking alike. Covert Store Builder (CSB) sounds so good and I almost bought the package actually. Luckily, I still have some sense in myself, to at least do some more research before I eventually decide to buy or not. Sure enough, I manage to find a lot issues and problems with regards to CSB. Eventually, I decided to come up with this review to at least inform people what they are getting if they thinking about purchasing CSB.

  8. It certainly sounds very interesting but doesn’t Amazon associates have it’s own, sort of simple store builder. I’m sure they offer a coding in html that you can easily manipulate to create a aStore?
    Anyway, thanks for this review – I’m sure others as well as me will be pleased you have highlighted it for what it really is!

    • Hi Chris, well yes, Amazon does have what you called an aStore but from my experience, it was not really that impressive to be honest. They have this program called the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) but it is more like a third party back-end service by Amazon and you got to have your own products. There are a few good platform for selling products from Amazon but that would be a post for another day.

  9. Great review. I almost wanted to buy this product to setup an e-store on my website selling Amazon products. Anyway, I tried to search for review of this product but is very limited. I heard Amazon has their own ecommerce tools right? Do you know anything about this where you can share with me?

    • Thanks Florence! Covert Store Builder has a lot of bugs that has not been rectified yet. Well, if you are talking about aStore, Amazon is actually on the verge phasing that thing out. A very good Amazon store builder, I would say is Fresh Store Builder. The only thing that I do not like is that Fresh Store Builder has too many upsells than I would like it to be. The upsets were a bit of an irritant to me that it feels like a scammy product, though it is not. If you are on WordPress, I would highly recommend you to use the plug-in by WooCommerce. If you want the best among the best, it is non-other than the The Shopify or The Big Commerce. Hope this helps Florence. Good luck!

  10. I do also believe that CSB is a scam. Functionality is not ok and controls need improvement. There are better sites that offer online business career particularly Wealthy Affiliate. It is definitely a lot better than other website building site and is truly not a SCAM. Nice review man. Ill bookmark your page

    • Hi Karl, I’m not sure if CSB is a scam or not. But one thing for sure, their system has a lot of bugs and no way as good as what they advertised. There are others who are way better than them. One of the best, if not the best is Wealthy Affiliate of course, as you mentioned 🙂

  11. Thanks for the heads up on this program seeming how it was one of the products i was planning to purchase. I too was interested in starting an online store and was searching some options out their and this was one. I’m happy i read your article first. Keep up the good job, thanks

    • Thanks for reading my post Alfonso.

      I believe there are other platform that are better than CSB. FSB is sure one of them.

      But if you are willing to learn, woocommerce is a great platform as well.

      I would highly recommend you to try the very basics of online marketing and how it works first here at Wealthy Affiliate. They have a free course that you a lot on how to start an online business easily.

  12. I installed Covert Store Builder a few weeks ago despite the naysayers and find that it is ideal for newbies to get their first experience of internet marketing with the possibility of earning some money. CSB is not, in my opinion, a scam. It does what it says it will do and pulls in Amazon pages manually, or automatically if you buy the additional plugin. I have added a Blog to my store in which I give a report on my progress. My traffic is entirely organic at this stage and the Google Analytics stats are encouraging. The latest version of CSB keeps Amazon prices updated so this not an issue. The only issue I have is that I find editing a post or category a bit of a problem and there is no clear guidance from CSB. It may be my lack of enough knowledge of the WordPress platform on which CSB is built that is the difficulty. I wish there were a CSB forum. Have I made any money yet? No, but it’s too early to confirm this. My Blog will keep a note of any progress in this regard. If you want to have a store on line easily and quickly, CSB should help you. It is not a cash machine, and 47 bucks for CSB is no great loss for most people but it could be the best sum you’ve ever invested. I admit that may not be the most appealing site aesthetically or technically but it’s my baby and I will nurture it. As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

    • Hi Tenn Jackson, well, I am pleasantly surprised that finally a person made it work with CSB. Good for you then. I would definitely love to know your progress using the CSB platform. And you are right, at USD 47, it is not too much to invest in. If you succeed, greatest investment for you indeed. If it does not, still ok. As a matter of fact, I lost much more with the other scam such as the Advancing Income and Melissa Jung Scam. Thank you for sharing your experience and I wish you best of luck with your CSB venture!

  13. Very informative blog, thank you. I am already a Shopify user, but I’m looking to build a site with affiliate products and not my own products. Have you found another theme that is better than CSB?

    I found and they seem to have a pretty straight-forward theme to do what I need. Does anyone know anything about this theme? Yay or nay?

    • Hi Anne, I am glad to hear that you find my blog to be very informative for you.
      I definitely recommend you to build your own site for online business. Nothing is more satisfying than having your own business and escape from the dreaded rat race hehe.
      I am not a fan of CSB template, and a better ready-made platform is Fresh Store Builder (FSB). It has everything you need to set up your own online store easily, but there is a caveat. FSB has too many upsell to my liking.
      I would rather learn the basics of online marketing and set-up an authority website for a particular niche and dominate that market niche.
      Where do I learn all that? Well, Wealthy Affiliate has taught me everything that I need to learn to be an advanced online marketer and are constantly updating to the latest information, techniques and trend 🙂

  14. thank you everyone for your comments regarding CSB, I have just seen one of these in action and if you go onto wordpress, woo commerce and another plugin called Prosociate 1.0 which is completely free, it does exactely the same as CSB,
    If you would like to see this store in action visit my website It has not cost me a penny to build and if I say so myself, 20 times better than the scam that is being sold for $47. I was about to buy one of those stores today but after seeing your webpage and looking at one in action, My money will be going on a bit of advertising for my own store. I was suckered into believing all the hype and the people that are marketing it are marketing it well…lol. Thanks to a page like this ive saved my money
    Thank you everyone!

    • Hi Carl, I’m glad that my review helped you to steer away from CSB. I visited your website and I think it is really a cool looking website.
      It is great to hear as well that you build your website without costing a single penny and yeah, you’re right, the money is better spent for the advertising and promotion of your website 🙂

  15. Gad you made this review Dlansing,
    I was about to give this product a go too as I too was trying to build an ecommerce site myself. In the end I went with Woocommerce instead.

    I was quite disturbed with those complaint comments you found. With lots of errors, crashes, and no sales at all I feel sad for those people. I hope you are able to help a lot of people save up their time on money on something better through this review of yours. Cheers!

    • Hi Riaz, just like you, I was about to get CSB for myself too. But fortunately, I did my due diligence, looking for testimonials, check out the forums, stuffs like that. And what do you know, I uncovered cans full of worms when I did my research lol! I hope my review here can help out other people make a more informed decision before deciding to purchase CSB or not.

  16. The asthmatic bank teller claim is clever, but it just screams “I’m a scam!” like a rooster in the morning.

    Looks like it’s a bad product that’s marketed as the greatest thing ever. These are almost always scams, and the theme doesn’t look that great to be honest.

    It doesn’t look like there’s much content on that website. As we already know, ranking in search engines is nearly impossible without a blog.

    • Hi Alec, I agree with wholly here. The website just screams “SCAM” to me too. But unfortunately, quite a fair share of people did get conned by them. These websites, I beleived are mostly used for promotion and sales purpose, and they are marketed by experience marketers who knows how to pull the strings of desperate buyers 🙂

  17. Thanks for your honest review. I was also interested in buying this product but you steered me well away! It’s not a good deal because you will get duplicate content and Google will penalise your site. As a result, it will not show up in the search engines and people will not find your products. Besides, the site tends to crash as one user mentioned, that’s terrible!

    Shopify might be a better option for an e-commerce site. But to be honest, I prefer to build my own business inside Wealthy AAffiliate.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Stefan, I’m glad to know that my article here help you to steered away from Covert Store Builder 🙂 No, I would definitely recommend it for sure. Shopify is a great choice actually….. if you have your own products of that is. But you are into affiliate marketing, promoting other products that you love without needing to have a big cumbersome inventory, then Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice in my opinion. They have everything that you need to build a successful online business that brings you passive income. All the best Stefan!

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