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Career Journal Online Review

Name: Career Journal Onlinecareeronlinejournal front page
Price: See my advancing income review
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100 Overview

This website,, is nothing more than a fake news website.

This website is using a template to promote a number of “making money online opportunities” and are so effective with it. The proof? This darn website was how I got duped!

This website eventually brought me to another program and you can read my review on that here.

Career Journal Online utilizes a number of slick deceptions and sales tricks to prey and induce naive visitors to go through their landing page and eventually buy their “recommended” programs.



NONE! It is all a big  fat LIE!


Nothing good or positive at all, need to say more?

Who is Career Journal Online For?

This site targets desperate individuals who are looking to get extra income or getting rich quick.

Anyone who did not do their research will easily succumb to it.

Tools & Training

None whatsoever.

The site is just a cover site for another site which I have made my review here.


Fake comments! Don't be fooled!

Fake comments! Don’t be fooled!

None whatsoever.

The comment section is fake and it is only meant to obtain your precious email and bring you to their other landing site.


No price on this page.

This site will eventually bring to a specific website.

I wrote a review on that website here.

Further Thought on

I have mentioned that this site is a fake news portal meant to lure unsuspecting visitors to click over their links and eventually buy their “recommended” program.

How did they manage to do that?

By skilfully mimicking a real online news portal such as BBC, The Globe or BBC.

If you look at the site carefully, you will notice that the site page is actually nothing more than a single page advertorial!

It is quite obvious actually if you really look carefully around the page.

  • There are no other news stories
  • News link is just for show as it doesn’t work.
  • Comments section is completely fabricated
  • An IP reading script that customizes the title of the page to fit your exact geographic location

The Fake Article with a Killer Title!

careeronlinejournal killer title

EXPOSED: Kuching Mom Makes $8000/month From Home And You Won’t Believe How She Does it!”

How’s that for a headline article! The figure alone would surely turn heads and entice anybody who are desperate for money.

The article then continues with a fake news story on how a lady named Melissa Johnson makes money from home after just “following” a certain step called the “Online Cash Course”.

Melissa Johnson – Is she even real?

Melissa Johnson

The name Melissa Johnson is obviously fake and made up by the perpetrated marketers. The name Melissa Johnson has probably changed just as often as the site itself.

It was reported that Melissa Johnson other name is Melissa Jung as well.  Please don’t you ever fall to her “success” story.

Such fake news portal is dangerous because they can easily change and promote other suspicious offers.

Such site is so easy to set up that the owners do not have to keep the site around longer than it should. has promoted many “different program” such as Online Home Careers and now Online Cash Source.

Rest assured that once this program stops making money or received bad publicity, the marketers just moved on and come up with the next get rich quick scheme.

The landing page once you clicked!

The landing page once you clicked!

What can you do?

A website such as these will always be around as long as there are demand for quick money online.

The best thing you can do is stay away and reject any products that is promoted in such deceitful manner.

Big figure to entice you!

Advertisement that promise you big numbers are usually SCAM!!!


My Final Thoughts is a harmful fake news portal that is out to take money out of you.

Again, please don’t you ever fall for Melissa Johnson aka Melissa Jung “success” story now that you see this review.

Steer clear far away and this will save you a lot of money!

Career Journal Online Final Verdict

Name: Career Journal Online
Price: See my advancing income review here
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100


Scam symbol

Do you ever have a personal experience or complaint that you would like to share about If you do, your input and comments would be greatly appreciated by leaving your comments below!



 Are you tired and fed-up of SCAM just like me?

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    • Definitely, of course. Sometimes however,when good opportunities such as WA comes in, we ought to consider 😉

      Thanks & regards,

  1. Most of the pictures on those websites are stock photos. You can find them online for free. They make them seem like they’re real people because people are more likely to trust a picture and a name than just a name and an email address. Take it from someone who had a client who wanted me to write fake reviews: don’t trust any review on a website, not even video reviews. Those are easy to fake too.

    • So true Kinya! Well, let just put it this way. I was too naive and do not any better. Was just looking for an opportunity and jumped on it. Bad decision that bitten quite bad. But at learned from my mistake and now coming back with a vengeance lol!

  2. This is awesome review on the scams program . I wish you all the best in helping people to avoid those unethical internet marketers. Good job DLansing.

    • Thank you very much Azlan 🙂 It is my hope that by revealing this type of scams, I can help others from been tricked by these kind of unresponsible website who only objective is to deceive and squeeze the victim’s hard earned money.

  3. Hi Dominic Thanks for exposing the scam in your post Review. As you say these sites play on the vulnerability of people needing to make extra money. The only thing they succeed in is getting Internet marketing a bad name, for genuine programs like Wealthy Affiliate.
    Good work

    • Thank you for commenting too Mark. Yes, I feel that it is my duty to expose this kind of scam and not just keep quite. It is unfair for other people out there who are looking for a genuine program such as Wealthy Affiliate.


  4. Thanks for sharing this, will certainly try to avoid these too good to be true schemes.

  5. Hello and thanks for pointing out yet another evil scam. The internet really is a minefield so thank heavens for people like you who are taking the time to investigate. I’m just sorry you got duped by them!

    • My pleasure Peter! Well, what had happened to me is past, but I am not one to keep quite and sulk about these scams. I rather take measures and try to help people from getting scammed on such site 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


  6. The further down the rabbit hole of online marketing I go, the more I realize just how many scam sites are out there. Your reviews here are desperately needed to balance things out…and more importantly to keep people falling for one of these scams. Thanks for taking the time to do so.

    • Indeed Claudio, scams are everywhere and one must be vigilant on them. I was scammed big time and I hope others would not get scammed like me as well. I hope my review such as this post will help a lot people from getting scammed. Thanks for your comment Claudio, appreciate that.


  7. I actually peeked into the site, and I have to say I am very impressed… with the deception. The layout is very professional, without any glamour and loud colors, even better than CNN and other new sites. Thank you for exposing the scamming site.

    • You are right Glen. They are so good that the website looks like a real thing. You need to really explore and a bit of a keen eye to be able to notice the scam sign. Thanks for your comment.


  8. Hi Dominic,
    Came across your website after I click on Was not thinking and straight away click on the Melissa Jung link.
    Step 1: Go to Online Cash Source, and fill out the form to get instant activation.
    Step 2: Follow the instructions at Online Cash Source and set up your account. Then they will show you what to do. Everything gets tracked.
    Step 3: Deposit your earnings by cheque or direct bank transfer. (Making money has never been so easy. Get ready for your life to change.) I followed the instructions and nearly gave them my credit card number online as I tried keying in my credit card online but it would not get through . Suspect something was not right, I hung up on the lady who was calling me from a UK number. However when I check my personal email account, I realised that there were emails coming from asking me to click to activate and another email from Will you be able to advise if this is something worrying. Should I just delete these emails or report as SPAM .

    • Hi Catherine, you definitely have to worry about this. Maybe you can try and mark it as SPAM first and see if the same email or something similar comes in. In my blog on
      career journal online, advancing income review and Melissa Jung, I wrote that one should be careful and stay away from these concerned websites. I have been scammed really badly by them and I really hope nobody will conned like last time. Hence, why this website was created in the first place. Since then, I finally found a truly legitimate online training program, and this ratracebuster website was created by the said training. I am still on the training and there is so much too learn. You can read my review on it HERE.

      Be careful online and stay safe.


      • Hi Dominic,
        Thank you for your response. I have SPAM the two emails and so far I did not receive similar emails from coming from and Will I be safe if I do not activate anything? They wanted me to pay USD250 for a start using my credit card so that I can receive the software that they claimed can make a lot of money . However I did receive call from this number +44 203519 3481 , a lady called Lara requesting for my credit card but I just hang up the phone . I almost gave her my credit card no but sense something was not right when she kept hassling me to hurry up as there were many customers online. This Wealthy Affiliate program , is there any start up fee? How does it work?


        • Hi Catherine, you made the right choice to not giving your credit card details just like that. You may regret it for a long time just like me. With regards to Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend you to try the Starter Membership first, try it out yourself for free. If you like it, then only you can join the Premium Membership just like me. If it is WA does not fancy, well there is no obligation. Even at Free Membership, you will be given 2 websites that you can work on.

      • Hi Dominic, thank you for your reply, I have spam both emails from big option , however I still receive emails from big option but from a sender named sandy saying she is the account manager . At the same time I also received calls from another UK contact number , what should I do ?ignore them ?

        • Hi Catherine, as I suspected and expected, these guys are too pushy and a bit agressive. I was in your shoe last time too, with their constant bugging. You can either ignore the email for your record next time or just block that particular email. And the UK contact number, you can also do the same thing. For me, there are 3 ways you can do here, (1) Ignore the calls, (2) Block/Bar the UK number in your settings, (3) Take that call, and inform them in a very and stern and firm manner, that you are not interested at all in whatever they are trying to promote you or you will report to the relevant authorities for constantly harrasing you. I hope this helps Catherine. Do keep me informed if anything.

  9. Wow thanks for posting this warning for us! I’ve come across products like this myself before. They look great until you try and move around the site. Only then do you realize that each tab takes you to the same page. Awful scam.
    Thanks for letting the world know the truth 🙂

    • No problem Chris! I am really glad you know about scam before you can encounter them. Careerjournalonline is really is an awful scam and it never amazed me that the fake news portal still in existence until now. Clearly the website owner/pepetrator is still making a killing until now. It is always good to be constatnly vigilant as internet fraud will always be there as long as the internet exist. Take care and stay safe.

  10. $2.8 billion a month… I’m sure they meant that that’s the size of the market rather than what one person would be making, but that probably was more of a hook than a miscommunication. Shame on them.

    • You are so right Paul. Their statements are so misleading and probably done on purpose. Shame on them for sure. Unfortunately, I am not sure they have one, for all they can think of is to take your hard earned from you.

  11. I was looking for some info when your site came up,great post well written and easy to understand.
    I like the way you openly advice on what site to avoid, not many people will do that .
    Will keep checking your site for new tips

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment Roamy. I certainly have no problem writing and sharing my experience of getting scammed. I would rather share my experience and give warning to those would be victim so that they can learn from my experience and not get trapped by those online scam and conman out there. I feel blessed that I eventually found Wealthy Affiliate and learn the right way to do online marketing legitimately. Stay safe Roamy 🙂

  12. Thanks for writing this review, there definitely needs to be more naming and shaming sites like this. Having worked in developing countries for years, I’ve known people who have fallen for these sites. And when you’re talking about people in a poor country making $100 a month, it really makes you angry to think that there are those who have no problem scamming them. It’s almost impossible to shut these sites down but they need to be called out. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Matt, I’m glad to know that you also know people who have fallen for this kind of sites. Not many people would admit if they have been scammed due to embarassment or pride, and that is totally understandable. I myself have to let go of ego and pride when admitting that I have been scammed online openly. But it is one of the best way I know to at least reveal their scam activities and warn other would be victims. Thanks for dropping Matt, I really appreciate it a lot.

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