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 Advancing Income Review

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Name: Advancing Income

Company: Logix9 LLC

Logix9 LogoLanding Website:
Company Website:

Member Log-In Site:

1) USD$1.95 nominal fee 5 days trial enrolment

2) USD $29.90 per month website hosting & maintenance


1) Basic Package USD$1095,

2) Budget Package USD$995

3) Startup Package USD $495

4) High Profit Products USD$2000!

5) EBay Class USD$? (What?!)

6) And many more upsells! (Does it ever end!?)
Owners: Unknown/Logix9 LLC
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Advancing Income (Logix9) Overview

Logix9 Website Frontpage

Advancing Income or Logix9 is basically a site comprised of eCommerce trainers that train their students to build an online business website for eCommerce and earn profit through their chosen niche. Logix9 have their own sets of carefully outlined curriculum following the latest online marketing trends and techniques.

PRO & CONS of Advancing Income (Logix9)


  • Comprised of professionals with a broad cross-section of experience in all aspects of eCommerce marketing.
    – Supported by a skilled team of in-house web developers, designers and programmersAdvancing Income Logo2
  • Individual-student oriented curriculum
  • One on one training by phone calls
  • Decent support network


  • Constant upsell!Upsell
  • Curriculum outline are basics and not comprehensive enough
  • Other “Hidden” Curriculum are for upsell purpose at a ridiculous high price!
  • Some upsells are not being explained transparently. You can get into a rude surprised!
  • One on one training only once a week on one small topic. Take months to finish your curriculum when in reality you can learn faster yourself or from other better sources! Probably purposely done so that you have to wait for a simple class every week and therefore pay every month!
  • Personal trainer/tutor can be rude or annoying at times

Annoying trainer

  • Only provide one basic free website with free hosting
  • Limited to only one niche; growth potential limited

Who is Advancing Income For?

  • For internet marketing beginners
  • Those who are looking extra income or make money through online business

Advancing Income Tools & Training

Advancing Income or rather Logix9 will provide an online back office where you can manage your website or dealings with Logix9.

Logix 9 Back Office Log In


  • The Home tab is just basically simple interface, giving you a simple welcome. You will an access button to your website here

My Account

  • You can see and edit your profile details and account (credit card) details here. You can also view the receipts from the package (UPSELL!) you have purchased here

Website Tools

  • This is the most important tab. All the basic tools needed to manage and operate your site is all in this tab such as banner editors, upload files, upload pictures, html guide etc.

Logix 9 Back Office Menu

Tips & Tricks

  • Basic simple tricks on getting more traffic on your website through social media, etc. Easily available for free through a simple google search


  • This tab is for showing your income total through their internal affiliate program collaborations and link to your Amazon affiliate

Message Centre

  • This tab is where you can Logix9 directly through email messages


  • This tab provides the graph and statistics of the numbers and basic profiles of the visitors to your website.

Training Center

  • Basic training materials and videos are provided here.
  • Well outlined curriculum and contents
  • Easy & simple basic internet marketing techniques that can be completed within a month.
  • Does not exactly teach you to be an authority in your particular chosen niche.
  • Mostly about increasing traffic to your site, selling and promoting your products.
  • Not worth the amount you are paying.


  • Tab to contact Logix9 for any inquiries


Advancing Income@Logix9 Support

  • Support is provided via their message centre. You send a message or email to them with your question or inquiry and their support personnel will call you back.
  • The “owner” will only call you once to give support, complement you for taking the right step and ends up with an upsell… go figure
  • No community to communicate with
  • Forum is non existence


Advancing Income (Logix9) Price 

Price: USD$1.95 nominal fee 5 days trial enrolment, USD $29.90 per month website hosting & maintenance


Basic Package USD$1095

  • 4 months basic training, 30 minutes each time, unlimited access to advisors, unlimited access to online training, social media section, astore tool, SEO tools, eBook library, accutrack

2) Budget Package USD$995

  • No live one on one package
  • 24 hour access to online training
  • All for 1 year only

3) Start-Up Package USD $495

  • Only 6 months access to basic tools, no eBook section, no accutrack, and only the most basic of stuff about internet marketing (probably can be found for free online)

4) High Profit Products USD$2000! (I’m going to faint here)

5) EBay Class USD$? (What?!)

6) And many more upsells! (Does it ever end!?)


Other Information about Advancing Income You Need to Know

How Advancing Income is advertised

1) You will start from this page

Advancing Income Landing Page

OR this

Advancing Income Claim Your Spot

2) After filling-up your particulars, you’ll land on this second landing page

Advancing Income Landing Page2


3) Eventually you’ll reach this third final landing page. That is a lot of pages!

Advancing Income Landing Page3

Shocker – I was scammed into this!


Let me be honest here, I have to admit that I was actually dumb enough to sign-up for this Advancing Income program by the company Logix9 somewhere in the middle of 2013. As you can see from the pricing above, I forked-out a lot of cash & even incurred credit card debt because of them.

Guys, don’t be FOOLED by them!

I was desperate and somehow I got persuaded by their constant upsells. Please ignore them as there are other internet marketing program that is way better and at a way cheaper price!

Now, Advancing Income program is quite decent from my experience, but the package and upsells cost an arm and a leg!

You see, when you started out your so called “Back Office” is empty. To have a website, hosting and maintenance service you pay $29.90 per month. Logix 9 Back Office DeclineFine fair enough. Training material still zero… And then their marketing personnel call you, and inform you this and this package. The cheapest is the Start-up package at $495 and goes all the way to $1095 for Basic Package. Basic package for $1095! Seriously guys?! We’re talking about BASIC package here… Anyway, I ended up taking the Start-Up package.

After barely on my second month with Advancing Income program, I was called again by their marketing personnel to promote their “HIGH PROFIT PRODUCT” program. The price? A mind boggling USD$2000! I was about to faint when I heard that. I declined at first, but they called me for a second time and somehow I fell for it after I was hypnotized by their persuasiveness after they gave me “50%” discount.

After all that money spent on “HIGH PROFIT PRODUCT” program, it turns out to be very disappointing.

They promised me that I can sell high price items and have a close to 50% profit margin of every sales.

For example, they said I can sell fitness equipment such as treadmill or exercise bikes for like $1999 and I can profit up to $900. Logixfit claim

Turns out it is just some cheap souvenirs outsource from somewhere where they encourage to increase the price much higher for high profit margin that is all.

Barely a month after reeling from taking the “HIGH PROFIT PROGRAM”, they call me again to promote an Ebay marketing program at similar prices. I haven’t made a dime from their program and they still have the audacity to promote me another crazy expensive program! I FLIPPED after that call. I realized by then that I was basically being screwed to buy more and more exorbitant upsells.

I stay on for another 2 months to learn and copy as much as possible their training materials, paying only the mandatory $29.90. After about 6 months, I quit the Advancing Income program by cancelling my credit card. There is supposed to be fee of $59.90 for stopping the program, but I don’t give a care about anymore.

My Final Thoughts of Advancing IncomeThumbs down

Advancing Income by Logix9, overall, is a bad online marketing training program. They do have a decent program curriculum for eCommerce and pretty structured.

However, their program is badly tainted by a range of ridiculously high priced package and constant upsell that cost you a bomb!

The way they promote and funnel to their training program scream SCAM! The way they promote, price and position their training packages shows that they are not genuine in teaching the proper internet marketing program and are more interested in making a huge profit out of you.i_got_scammed_help

Although I feel embarrassed to share my scam experience, I feel compelled to share this with you guys so that none of you will experience the headache and heartache that I’ve been through with this program.

Summarized Overview

Name: Advancing Income

Company: Logix9 LLC

Member Log-In Site:

Price: USD$1.95 nominal fee 5 days trial enrolment

           USD $29.90 per month website hosting & maintenance


1) Basic Package USD$1095,

2) Budget Package USD$995

3) Startup Package USD $495

4) High Profit Products USD$2000!

5) EBay Class USD$? (What?!)

6) And many more upsells! (Does it ever end!?)

Owners: Unknown/Logix9 llc
Overall Scam Rank: 40 out of 100


Scam symbol

**Learn to Build Online Business The RIGHT Way Here!**

Do you ever have a personal experience or complaint that you would like to share about Advancing Income (Logix9)? If you do, your input and comments would be greatly appreciated by leaving your comments below!



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  1. Great info here. I have never heard of the program, but if I do, I now know to stay very, very far away.

    I look forward to see more product reviews from you in the future.

    • Thank you Terry, this post is certainly serve as a warning and precaution to those who are thinking on trying Advancing Income scheme.


  2. Firstly I love the name of your site and you have great content and exellent graphics. Thank you so much for doing a great job with this. I will book mark and check back later 🙂

  3. Accidentally I was stumbled into your review which really save me a lot. I did sign up with them by middle of last month. But apart of signing up I did do a research about this website and stumbled upon a site of scam exposure. My problem is almost every this fellow from lx9 keep calling, but I refuse to pickup the phone.( I did answer just once and I asked him to call me again sometime in the 18th of feb) and call he did. Today, he keep calling with 5 different number. What should I do? Lucky at this period of time my debit card which I registered upon sign up is insufficient in balance.
    my most fear is that what will happen is I did top up my debit card? Will they automatically deducted without my concern? Should I send an e-mail to cancelled my membership?

    • Hi Suleing, consider yourself to be very lucky that you only joined advancing income for only 1 month. Did you use a debit card? By all means, cancel it and get a new one. It is much safer to use credit card where you can easily cancel your transaction without question! Luckily, your balance in your debit card was insufficient. Otherwise, you will lose money just like that. I strongly recommend you to send an email to cancel your membership right away. If they call you, just say that your financial situation does not allow you to use their training. Advancing Income is really aggressive and in my opinion is more interested in taking your money than actually train you the right way. Now, I am training under my no.1 rated program here and this superb website I owned shows it. I think I learned so much more in a month than the whole six months I was with Advancing Income at only a fraction of the price.

      If there is anything that I can help, please do not hesitate to contact me through this website. I am more than happy to help. I hope to hear from you again about advancing income.


    • Hi Kenneth, well it is not easy to detect them. I did track them up until Phoenix, Arizona, USA. But after that, it was a bit tricky. I am not sure if I have enough proof, and I don’t think it is worth it to chase after them. The least I can do is writing and reporting reviews on their bad business ethics and conduct. Thanks for asking Kenneth 🙂

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