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Free Online Marketing Course

There are many good online business out there, but there is one online business program that is free and can help you to learn how to make money online.

The program is called as the Free Starter Program from a truly legitimate online company called as the Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

The Free Starter Program can help you to set up an Online Business up and running in no time at all.

All you need to do is follow and learn the step one by one.

So What is Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Anyway?

Wealthy Affiliate is basically an online training program that teaches how to build a proper online business from scratch.
Your business can be based on your personal interest, hobby/pastime, expertise, or whatever that you are passionate in.
If in case you are not sure what is your personal interest yet, you can join the Bootcamp and they will show you exactly what you need to do to be able to start making money online.Wealthy Affiliate The Affiliate Marketing Program

Is the idea of building an online business seems daunting and downright scary to you? Well, just don’t worry too much and I can assure you, it can be even fun, especially if you build a website based on your own passion.

The training in WA will guide you all the way step by step, on your own time of course.

Take your time to learn the basics, set goals and think long term.
What are the end results that you are looking for? It could be:

  • Supplementing your current income
  • To be able to quit your day job
  • Be your own boss
  • To have more free time for yourself and family
  • Travel the world
  • Etc.

And you know what? All the above has been done before by many of the WA members that follow through the training provided and consistently working on their websites.

As for me personally, I have started to earn income online to supplement my day job and currently only working on a part time basis at my desk job, after not even a year in WA.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works?

WA has a lot of training within their website. This is because there are many ways on how to make money online. From the beginner’s course, all the way to the advanced course.

If you are very new, the best way to start is by going through their Get Started Here section.
Here, they will teach you on how to build a new online business from scratch.

If you have no idea of what business you want to be in, you can just go directly to the Bootcamp section which is another optional alternative to making money in a specific market.

How WA training can help you to make money online

WA makes it very easy for you to start an online business.

The training generally consists of 4 parts. Each part has a simple, easy to understand step by step lessons that you will follow. The aim is to guide you to properly set-up and build a profitable online business that last.

Here are the 4 parts:WA 4 Steps to Success Online

1.Choose an interest:
This is where everything starts for you. It can be anything but it is recommended that you choose something you are personally interested in. When I first started out, I did a website on exercise equipment for a healthy lifestyle as I have always been into health and fitness.

2. Build Your Own Website:
Building a website is super simple at WA. No experience is needed at all. You will be given 2 free websites in which you can do anything with it. The free websites are pre-built, coded, and are ready to be designed according to your want. You basically just select a name for your website and choose the basic template design that you like. The whole process took less than a minute.

3. Get Good Rankings and Attract Visitors
The next step would be getting good ranking for your website to make it visible to your potential customers. With good ranking, you can attract visitors to your website. Here you will be learning how to get visitors to your website.

4. Make money
Here you will learn how to promote products on your site to your visitors and when they buy, you will earn commission $$

A quick example is as below:

Part 1: I decided to choose baseball souvenirs and gift as my niche market
Part 2: Make a website that does reviews and promotion on baseball souvenirs and gift
Part 3: Get good rankings and attract visitors to my site
E.g. Make product reviews, commentaries, articles, etc.,
Part 4: The make money part
Promoting products from other places such as Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, etc.
Each time a visitor makes a purchased through your website, you earn money.

Are you worried about not knowing which subjects or topics to go into?

Don’t worry, there are literally thousands of topics or niche market that you can go into and make money. Each subject/topics can be broken down into many less competitive niche markets that you can tap into with very few competitions.

Check out what I did as a demonstration in choosing a lucrative niche market that have low competition here.

Start with a specific website in mind, put the promotion and the necessary information in it, leverage on it and you will be able to earn income online.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches all this and more. You can easily learn and quickly apply the knowledge even though you do not have any prior experience in online marketing before this. The many niche market potential means possibilities are endless and your income potential is really limitless.

Important Note: This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. There is a process and proper steps involve. The lessons and syllabus are very simple, straightforward and easy to follow. The program is outlined in a very clear manner and each lesson is in video and text format so that you can easily follow the lesson flow. After each lesson, there will be a “to do” list at the end of it for you to apply the knowledge and take action.

What Do You Get As A Free Starter Member

I highly recommend that you start as a Free Starter Member.

The cost of joining is $0 (Join Here)

Please don’t think that you don’t get much facility and tools as a free member.

As soon as you join the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership, you will get:

  • Instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community
  • Live Chat with WA members and online marketing experts

    Live Chat at Wealthy Affiliate

    Live Chat at WA

  • More than 500 training modules
Wealthy Affiliate Classroom

One of the many training modules in WA

  • 3 Exclusive Classrooms

WA classroom

  • Networking and commenting facilities
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Access to WA sophisticated keyword tools
  • And On and On…. Etc…

You know where I’m going here.

The perks and benefits as a Free Starter Membership is simply superb and unmatched even when you compare with other paid products in the industry and I mean it.

All this free stuff and facilities will be useless if you are not taking action though.

To ensure your success, you need to follow through and take action as you go through each lesson. It is not just simply reading or watching tutorials and nodding your head in understanding. You are actually put to the paces and are expected to complete the training and guidance with the help of the checklist provided after you finish each lesson.

The training modules at WA will teach you everything you need to know, and more, from A to Z about online marketing. By the time you finish the training, you will be an advanced Internet marketer. When you reached that stage, you are probably already running a sustainable online business that earns you income online on a supplementary basis or even full time.

So what are you waiting for. Sign-up for the Free Starter Membership and start to learn how to learn to earn good income online by clicking the sign-up form below. See you on the other side.

Sign-Up For The Free Starter Membership Below ⇓and Learn How To Succeed Online!

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I decided to start my own online business so that I can escape the rat race that I am in. Things are really progressing well and it is just a matter of time before I can be finally free from my 9-5 job. With ratracebuster.com, I hope I can help other people to escape or avoid the rat race through learning the online business and other legitimate opportunity in the online world. I will be reviewing products, sharing discussions, and blog about my online business ventures as well.


  1. Hey Dlansing,
    This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate that you just put up, I can totally vouch for you on the program’s viability.

    WA is the best Online Business platform to date and the value you get here for those tools, the web host, the community and lessons are out of this world. Highly recommended for those serious in looking for a way to start a business long-term!

    • Hi Riaz, thank you for your kind comment and vouching on the effectiveness of WA.

      I started out with the Starter Membership and I never look back since. Superb training program that is second to none, tremendous technical support, and I have many new friends with the same aspiring ambition to booth. It doesn’t hurt as well that we can get in touch for advice from the industry experts 😉

  2. sounds interesting but also sounds like a lot of work – I guess this is more for serious people who come online to earn a living right?
    I like the idea of learning something new and taking things forward from there – I’ve never really thought about building my own website before! Was the process easy to get to grips with?

    • Hi Chris, yes, this online business training program is free and the training modules really work. But like any other business, we need to be serious and focus on our online business to earn good income online. To be truly successful online, there is no short cut, and you got to learn and work on your craft. In brief, WA will teach you these

      1) Choose your interest, hobby, or passion for potential business ideas

      2) Teach you how making your own website for free.

      3) Generating traffics or rather attracting visitors to your website. This can be done by having great quality content for your website that can create interest to your potential visitors. It can be in writing form, videos, infographics or whatever it may be.

      4) Most importantly, WA will teach how to promote and sell products or services to your visitors effectively. This is where you earn an income online through commission!

      Sounds pretty simple right. As a matter of fact, it is quite simple and easy. But you have to learn the steps one by one and try not to miss any of those steps that will be taught. This is because every step that you follow, will have an accumulative effect that will greatly improve your chance to succeed 🙂

  3. Hi DLansing
    First, I like the title of your website- rat race buster! That’s what I am all out here so early in the morning for. I eventually want out of the huge rat race.
    That’s quite a worthy review of WA and it is certainly beneficial to the readers seeking for online opportunities in 2016.

    Wishing you a happy new year!

    • Hi Boniface, thanks a lot for your comment. Yeah, this is my website is all about, to escape the rat race and be in charge of our own life. I hate being a slave to my job and I have already taken a massive towards achieving this. I am no longer working full time in a company but only part time now. I aim to eventually be my own boss by the end of this year 🙂 A big thanks to Wealthy Affiliate for making this all possible for me!

  4. Hi DLansing,

    This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I became a member about 6 months ago. I have to admit that starting on online business is not an easy thing to do, but anything worth having never is! Nevertheless, I have learned so much in these 6 months. I have had a lot of computer experience, but nothing like this.

    Even though there is a lot of work being an affiliate marketer, I think it is one of the best ways to get started with an online business. WA makes it less tramatic because there is a community of members that are willing and able to help you over the rough spots when you need it.

    I know I made a good decision when I joined the community and I know I am on the road to success.

    Thanks for an honest and real review of WA.


    • Hi Verma, it is great to know that you have been with WA for already 6 months. I am pretty sure that you have enjoyed the training by WA and you are now churning out content and doing all sorts of promotions to your website.

      The fact that we have an online community and are genuinely wanting to help each other, is really a great bonus. Every week there is always a new training on a certain topic based on the latest updated trend. Though the training is easy to follow, we can always opp to watch the replay later 😉

  5. I have to agree with you. I am a proud member of WA. My passion has been writing and sharing my field of expertise which is health and nutrition. With these interests, I have built my own website. I started 0 knowledge in website development, online world etc. But with WA I absolutely agree with you that it changes everything from 0 knowledge to everyday learnings plus a guide to be successful online.

  6. Wealthy Affiliate, indeed the best free online business opportunity for anyone and everyone who wants to be successful in the online business.

    Thanks for your review on wealthy affiliate, it’s indeed the best platform for any successful online business to grow tremendously and you did a great work outlining the benefits

    • Thank you Johnson for comment and strengthen my argument that Wealthy Affiliate is the best free online business training program that you can get anywhere! Very much appreciated indeed 🙂

  7. I have only just started using Wealthy Affiliate, and I have to say, this page if very useful. I’ll be sure to come back here if the site somehow gets too overwhelmingly complicated for me. Also, I feel as if this has helped inspire me, and it helped me gain ideas for possible site ideas. Thank you for the help. 🙂

    • Hi Tempest, it is great to know that you find my post here to be simple and easy to understand for you. Keep on working on your craft and learn new things every day, and you will definitely see results 🙂

  8. I’ve been a member for 4 months and probably many more to come, i liked your honesty as you state it isn’t a “get rich quick scheme” and that success comes with hard work.

    I began with little knowledge about website building and now i have my own site up and running and getting bigger each day.

    WA provides training and lots of help that anybody can understand and make good use of it. Would 100% recommend it to anybody.

    Thanks for your great review 🙂 .

    • Hi Alan, yeah, you are right. Most people that I know, when the first came here at Wealthy Affiliate, they know nothing about building website, much less doing online marketing. By the time after a just a few months, they become very proficient in this field. So much so that they promote and their skills offline to other people. I am such example for it 😉

  9. Hi Tempest, it is great to know that you find my post here to be simple and easy to understand for you. Keep on working on your craft and learn new things everyday, and you will definitely see results :-

  10. Hi Alan, yeah, you are right. Most people that I know, when the first came here at Wealthy Affiliate, they know nothing about building website, much less doing online marketing. By the time after a just a few months, they become very proficient in this field. So much so that they promote and their skills offline to other people. I am such example for it 😉

  11. Hi Dominic,
    You did a very thorough and outstanding job in the article, reviewing Wealthy Affiliate and all that the company has to offer to the individual looking to start his/her own online business.

    You clearly articulated all of the positives that are involved with the company, stating that the person can be entirely unfamiliar with starting such a venture.

    You talked about promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself as a business and that through the bootcamp training offered one can be provided the proper educating if he/she chooses to go that route – otherwise the other choice would be to promote a niche product(s) in an area that he/she is passionate about.

    I can attest myself as to all that the company has to offer. You also made mention of the fact that getting involved with such an opportunity is not any get-rich-quick-scheme. Those of us who are affiliated with WA understand that it is an undertaking requiring much time, work effort and patience to see results.

    A great job on your part in promoting WA, Dominic and I wish you nothing but success in your business, sir!


    • Hi Jeff, thank you very much for your kind compliment on my post here.
      Well, I tried to do the best I can to show what is Wealthy Affiiate (WA) is all about and why they have the best free online marketing training in the whole wide world. For your info, I have tried so many types of training program. Some are good, some are just meh, and some are just downright scam!

      The good thing with WA is that, there are basically 2 ways of making money:
      1) Promote niche products or service through affiliate marketing. No inventory is needed at all. Save cost, money, and no headache
      2) Promote the WA affiliate marketing program. WA has the best affiliate marketing program around and is worth promoting because they are that good. They have one of the best compensation/commission program too.

      So there you have it, my reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the best free online business opportunity you can have this year 2016!

  12. I agree, Wealthy Affiliate’s offers the best free online business training around. But for those that are serious, you should try the free starter membership, then go premium.

    If you’re serious about your online business, the premium membership costs nothing compared to the value in education and support you get.

    That’s how I started my online business and everyday I make passive income online. It takes some time to build, but the payoff is great.

    • Hi Todd, thanks chime in with you comment. Premium is definitely the way to go if we are really serious in learning. But the Free Starter Membership still is a great platform to learn about online marketing. Sort of like getting your feet wet if you will and have a feel for what’s coming and the potential it has.

  13. Just to provide some additional feedback on Wealthy Affiliate. I can also vouch for its veracity and the quality of the content. WA got me up and running with a blog in 3 days, and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the immense amount of information available. If you want to invest time in transforming a passion in a source of income but are not exactly sure how, Wealthy Affiliate can show you how.

  14. Ratracebuster out of the blocks real quick for two zero one six!

    Great review of an awesome opportunity. Of it’s kind WA is the best and cheapest. Other systems like it don’t even come close in terms of quality of training and the awesome community, and free hosting and free keyword research tool as well (other sites, WP secure hosting they dont have $30 more per month, or keyword research tool another $27 more per month)

    • Thanks for voracious support Derek! 🙂

      Like you said, nothing really comes close to offering what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

      The training program is one the best if not the best in the industry. Free keywords search tools that can massively help your online business to grow. Very supportive community that are always at hand if you have any questions and many more 🙂

  15. Wow! Thank you for this! Have been searching for a business opportunity like this one for a long time now, I feel that this might be it. I have only discovered scams so far so I am still not totally convinced. I am really glad I found this and I am going to sign up right now! Just wanted to thank you for showing this opportunity for me and hopefully many others! Wish me luck! Thank you again!


    • Hi John, not a problem. Wealthy affiliate is really a great opportunity for anybody who really want to learn how to do a proper online business the legit way. There are many useful training that you can find over there. If you need any help or question, just drop a comment or email me John 🙂

  16. Hello, Dlansing.

    I am sure that there are a lot of great opportunities to start an online business in 2016, simply because more people are joining this industry, so the competition will be fierce.

    On the other hands, this is well-put Wealthy Affiliate review, very informative and detailed and it offers everything that a beginner will ever need. Simple and straight to the point.

    Well done.


    • Hi Imad, yes for sure there is a lot of opportunities to do an online business in this year of 2016.

      However, it does not have to be very fierce. You want greater opportunity and fewer competitors? It’s all starts by identifying the right niche market.

      You can check out how I search for profitable niche that has few competitions and it takes less than 2 minutes at the link below:

      How To Find Profitable Niche Market

      So if you want a heads up in the industry of your choice and become an authority online, Wealthy Affiliate is the best learning platform for online business this year 2016 🙂

  17. Making money online seemed like such a crazy idea before I found WA. I knew nothing about how to do it and I was able to learn everything I could need in order to do it from them.
    I joined their free trial, paying no money, with no credit card needed and I upgraded to premium within the first 3 days, because I could see the potential opportunity I had there.

    • Hi Aless, great to know that you see opportunity in WA. I’ve already earning from my online business that I have learned from WA too and I hope I will keep on getting better at this 🙂 All the best in your online marketing journey Aless!

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