Are You Overworked and Underpaid?

The grind of a modern day work worker


Are you overworked? Worse still, are you overworked and at the same time underpaid?
Such the norm of today’s working life where the top people make the most money and enjoy great benefits. The lowly worker will probably be stuck on the basement for a long time and opportunity slow and scarce.

Signs that you are overworked

How do you know that you are overworked? Below I list down the tell-tale signs symptoms of an overwork worker.

  • Incapable of focusing: You have 7 assignments on hand, 5 pending paperwork on your desk, 6 windows open on your laptop, and okay, which one are you supposed to do first?
  • Easily annoyed: You get annoyed or easily irritated with your clients, colleagues, family members, and friends.
  • Easily get distracted: Because your sense of focus is diminished, you get easily distracted by even menial task instead of focusing on what matters first.
  • You dread going to work: You find it really hard to wake up and get ready for work as the days goes by. You are constantly looking for an excuse to skip work and calling in “sick”.Dreading to work
  • Getting more addicted to coffee: You drink more and more coffee now and become a caffeine junkie yourself. You can’t seem to work without coffee.
  • You binge eating and has an unhealthy eating habits: You eat a lot to relieve stress and find comfort in eating unhealthy snacks or junk foods.
  • Absent-mindedness: You have the tendency to be absent-minded and easily forget things even for important deadlines and engagements.
  • Evading: You try to ignore and evade impending goals and only deal with them in than last minutes.
  • Low energy and feeling drained all the time: You are working on low energy level and look tired almost all the time. Nothing more pleases you than taking a short, quick nap.
  • Lacking the proper motivation: You are no longer motivated to work in the office and sporting “couldn’t care less” attitude.

Do you feel underpaid?

Here’s a fact of life for you, you will always be paid lower than what you are supposed to get. It is an advantage for a company or organization to always underpay you and so they will always do.

Dare to ask for a pay raise that you deserve? What will usually happen? Most of the time, there are 3 things that you do. Accept the pay, demand for changes in pay, or leave the job.
Is this too hard for you to swallow? It is normal to feel that you are underpaid. I feel the same as well. The company I work for sell in US dollars, but I am paid in Ringgit. Pretty pathetic, I know, but that is just the nature of the business.
We, the workers, just running in a never ending rat race to nowhere and making other people richer.

Get Out of the Rat Race – Do Something About It!


Okay, so you feel a sense of injustice and something need to be done. Should you resign or quit immediately? Maybe it is not a good idea, especially if you are not ready yet.
You should plan something on what can be done to prepare yourself so that eventually you resigned from your miserable job.
I have written an article post here on what are the things that you can do to earn extra income and eventually may help you to escape from being overworked and underpaid in your job.
For me personally, I am more interested in learning how to build an online business to earn income through the internet the proper way.
I learn how to make money online through my no.1 rated Affiliate Marketing training program and you can read my honest review here.
Thank you for your time and if you have any comments or opinions, just leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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I decided to start my own online business so that I can escape the rat race that I am in. Things are really progressing well and it is just a matter of time before I can be finally free from my 9-5 job. With ratracebuster.com, I hope I can help other people to escape or avoid the rat race through learning the online business and other legitimate opportunity in the online world. I will be reviewing products, sharing discussions, and blog about my online business ventures as well.


  1. There are few things in life that give a worse feeling than being overworked or underpaid let alone being in a situation where you’re both. It’s at times like that when you should look for a way to escape. In this article you have managed to give a great recommendation here DLansing

    • It is so true Diondre. Overworked is one thing and being underpaid, a double whammy in my book. Thank you for your comment Diondre, really appreciate that.


  2. A great article on are you overworked and underpaid! When we’re working “FOR THE MAN” this is a really really common scenario. I’m glad that nowadays there are legitimate ways to have an online business which can replace the “daily grind”. Wealthy Affiliate is definately my Go to -program. Thank you for writing this great article 🙂

  3. Hey there, I can completely relate to this article. I too have been in the overworked and underpaid category for many years. This is the same for many of people now a days unfortunately. I feel the only way to get out of that cycle is to “Do something about it” Yourself! Your review is spot on! I am so glad I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and I will be a lifer. The training is outstanding! Thanks for the article. 🙂

  4. Hi dlansing, i happened to come across your page while i was working online. And man you really hit it on the head. thank for the post.
    I have a question tho, have you heard of something called link trading i did some research on it but dont know to much or if its even worth it?

    • Hi Tuheekee, thank you for visiting my site. I have to admit that I don’t know anything about link trading to be honest. I do know about back-linking though. With regards to back-linking, I do not like to put a lot backlink just for the sake of it. If your backlinks are mostly linked to non-qualification or non-authority sites, Google are not going to deem your site as important and even consider your like as spam. That would adversely affect your organic ranking. The best way to do back-linking is by linking your site with other authority websites, and therefore the big G will deem that you associate yourself with an authority website, and that favours the big G a lot. Also, if you have a lot of interactions at Social Media that links to your website, that is also a big plus as well, because big G will think that your site is very active with interactions. There are some more, but time is limited to me. Everything that I have learned, is all at Wealthy Affiliate. Hope this helps in a way, Tuheekee 🙂

  5. I agree, for the majority of workers today the chances of advancement in rank are slim especially so if displaying the overworked attributes you mention. Those attributes I feel are also indicative of being totally dissatisfied with the job role or company culture. It’s also totally understandable to remain in that position so as to meet some other needs like putting food on the table…

    Great advice for ‘escaping that rat race’ – building that plan B is probably the only way to eventually truly escape.

    • Hi Brigitte, yeah you are certainly right over there. Advancement of rank is certainly a problem, especially when you are in a big company. The bigger the company, it seems like the slimmer the advancement opportunity you will get. In my personal experience, the company that I work with is getting bigger, with more new employees. I lost count how many new staffs simply overlapped me despite my seniority and contribution. It seems like the bosses trust the new people more than us the senior ones. I am about almost done with this corporate world. Looking forward for the days when I can finally join the rank of other successful online entreprenuers 🙂

  6. I think a lot of what you say is true
    Overworked & Underpaid !!!

    It might be different if there was an opportunity for advancement and growth, but many times there just isn’t.
    A traditional job, unless you absolutely positively love it and can squeeze by monetarily, would never work for me. I like the freedom I have of working for myself with no one to answer to or “work me” but me !!!

    • Hey there Joanne, it seems like you are already a self-employed entrepreneur that answer to no one because you are your own boss, nice! I hope to join you soon enough hehe. Thanks for dropping by Joanne 😉

  7. Hello Dominic,
    I must be overworked because I am a coffeeholic and have been for about forty years LOL. Nah I just love coffee, but the rest of your list describes my attitude with my last job.
    After fifteen years of it I just couldn’t take it any longer, it was harder and harder to face my Monday and easier and easier to run out the door on my Friday.
    The freedom I have now is indescribable and I cannot get enough about telling others about it.
    WA has made it all possible,
    Great article, keep up the good work.

    • Great to hear that you have now the freedom that you have been looking for. You hit me right in the head about Monday and Friday lol! Just like you, I hope and I believe that Wealthy Affiliate can be the ticket for me to achieve the freedom that I have been for. Thank you San 🙂

  8. One of the best ways to stop being overworked and underpaid is to try to do what you love…follow your passion. It is not always a quick and easy solution because sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances in which we must work under less than ideal conditions. Let these times motivate you to find your true calling. Build up your plan and execute it.

    • Hi Mike, yes I wholly agree with you that one of the best way to be happy in our work or career, is doing things that we love, which means following our passion and not others. Like the great wise philospher Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

  9. You are so right that exactly describes many peoples working life and they feel trapped and are hoping for things to change.

    They wait for the government to make a difference, they wait for their next pay rise, hell some are even waiting for the next pay day!! But really it’s up to us to make the difference and as you rightfully say Wealthy Affiliate can and does make that difference.

    Not overnight and not in five minute but with commitment and dedication you can learn how to change your life by getting the education you need to build an online business.

    Great post and a pleasure to read. Keep up the great work . )

    • Thank you Peter for dropping by my site. You are right, many feel trapped by their situation and are hoping for things to change for the better. But if all we do is waiting and hoping, we will never go anywhere in life. Wealthy Affiliate can show you the rope on how to be successful online, but of course, commitment and time dedication is needed to realize our dream.

  10. Hi Dominic,
    Really most people are overworked and Underpaid and those signs are very true. The problem sometimes they are not well informed or when they are, they first meet scams and get discouraged from starting an online work. Others start but give up because they are not getting rich quickly.
    Thank you really for your articles, you are helping a lot of people out there.

    • Hi Charlotte, thank you for your kind comment too. I do hope I can help many people with my post here. I myself, has been overwork and underpaid. It is on us to decide if we want to change for the better. The rat race is a dream killer for many when people do not know any better.

  11. You’ve certainly hit the nail on the head with many of the Signs that you are overworked above. for me it’s the influx of coffee – I try to keep it down to a couple of cups in the mornings these days but at 3 in the afternoon I start to slip a bit! I certainly like the sound of the training that link you providing leads to but I’m unsure at how time consuming it is – could a newbie like me handle it?

    • Hi Chris, good to know that you are being honest about the influx of coffee. A couple cup of Joe shouldn’t be that detrimental to you, but too much may indicate an addiction to caffeine which is not good at all.

      The link to this post is about the best online marketing program that you can possibly have. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and the materials really work, provided you spend some time to learn at your own pace. I personally already started to make some extra income and it is really a great joy for me to be able to income online 🙂

  12. I am under worked and under paid! Haha. It is a bugger of a predicament. I have been looking for a something to devote my time to and would love to make a bit more money as well as we all do. I enjoyed the article you wrote here and think I should check out how to build an online business. Just wondering how hard it is for someone without a lot of tech skills?


    • Hi Anthony, haha that is funny! As a matter fact, I am in the same predicament just like you :-p

      But it is by choice, because now I am working on my online business more seriously and therefore devoting more time to develop my online business. I am now working part time for the company that I work with, so that I have more time for my online endeavors. Positive results have started to come in and I am stoked for the future.

      By the way, I started at without any tech skill at all to be honest. But thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I managed to learn the basics of internet marketing in light speed with their comprehensive step by step teaching 🙂

      If I can do it, you can also do it Anthony 🙂

  13. Hi Dlansing,

    I think it’s safe to say I am most of those things and have recently realised the corporate world is no longer for me!

    I’m already a member of Wealthy affiliate and I think it’s a great! tool for learning affiliate marketing!

    Do you have any tips on other online business opportunities?

    • Hi Nate, I can really understand your plight there. I was once stuck in a boring corporate world as well. Now I am a much happier and freer online marketing freelancing dictating my own time. It has been a revelation and liberating experience for me.

      I have some useful money making tips online tips HERE Nate. To make money online can be very easy and direct if you don’t overthink it.

  14. YES and YES!

    The reason I’m over-worked in my job is because there’s a staff shortage which puts pressure on the rest of us, and the money I get paid isn’t worth it for the work of 2 people I do every day!

    I do suffer from some of the negative points you have mentioned, but I aim to eat more healthy and take regular excerices to keep me ticking over and take my mind off my job.

    However, I really do want to escape the rat race because I’m so sick and tired of this life working for somebody else and being broke. I’m gonna look in to your recommended affiliate marketing training program and do something to change my situation.


    • Hi Neil, I have been in the exact same spot with you just about over a year ago!

      Now, my work time is much more flexible and satisfying since I started my online business and website design/local marketing company. This is all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

      Keep working hard but smart, Neil. I truly believe that you will achieve your dream.

  15. Oh my gosh I love your listing of being over worked, I can literally see myself (and some of my coworkers) in these situations especially the one on motivation hits home for most of us. We feel unappreciated and are force to do more work, AND with no extra pay.
    Your description of all of these topics is certainly well laid out and it really gets the reader (like myself) into your topic. You are right that people need to look at the area of having their own business. Just a question for you, How is it going for you at wealthy affiliate? How long have you been with this program?

    • Hi Angela, I mean that’s the reality of working for others right? I’m not saying we should we quit our job but rather find other alternative to increase our income situation. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 1 year plus and the knowledge, skills, and experience is nothing short of amazing! I’m now only working part-time and already starting to see my online income and offline business designing websites/local marketing steadily going up. You just go for it Angela!

  16. You are ever so right in your reasoning. For me, personally, it goes so much deeper than being a grind or a 9-5 rat race.

    What really eats me up is working my “hat” off to build someone else’s dream rather than my own.

    Maybe I should start setting the plan and transition to my own dream.

    Thanks for the wake up call man.

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